The secret to a successful catching catfish from the shore

A true trophy for any self-respecting fisherman is catching catfish. Catch from the shore of this river giant is quite difficult, this trip will require a maximum of skill, patience and perseverance. Let’s take a closer look at all the nuances of such fishing.

Where to catch catfish from shore

The best time for catching catfish from the shore ─ this summer, and July-August in particular, when the water in the rivers is fairly well warmed and som happy to go hunting in the shallows. So, » Read more

The most successful baits for carp

Flavours for carp: Best catchability baits for carp and carp flavours for carp fishing in the spring and summer

Fishing for carp is a favorite pastime of many people. Every kabatnik wonders how to improve the bite? To bite was better ones use special flavors and smells called flavors for carp, others are seeking new waters and fishing places. So what are the flavors and smells of the fisherman can be used successfully to attract this capricious and versed in eating fish? What flavors for » Read more