Hit parade of my summer wobblers

Although the beginning of this autumn does not differ at all from the summer, nevertheless, both fish and fishermen inevitably rebuild their behavior in a different manner. One of the first things I practice is the transition from wobblers to jig. Of course, this process is almost always smooth and weakly expressed, therefore, we can say with firm confidence that in the first half of autumn, many summer developments will come in handy. I bring to the judgment of my colleagues my "six" wobblers, with which I was most effective this summer. I am sure that in September they will not graze the rear.


How to make homemade universal imitation fish and a circle for the winter and summer

Offers its readers a universal set, which in winter can be used as ice imitation fish for winter and summer as “the circle”, I called it “kruzhko-zherlitsa”. How to make your own, a miracle tackle at home. I made your “kruzhko-the imitation fish” on a lathe production Smolensk, which has a fixture for machining large diameter (Fig.1). On the machine faster manually can also be done, but it requires other materials, dense foams, and polyurethanes.

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And that summer to catch bream, crucian, carp and roach?

Fishing, it is for everyone. One likes to sit on the money for a folding high chair throwing a fishing rod into the pond and peacefully admiring the play of water, given to philosophical thoughts. For another, fishing is a real hunting, passion, competition for the biggest catch. But those and other, ready for fishing, needs to know what kind of fish what kind of bait will bite and what it is actually catching.

The most important thing to start with the purpose of production, this will » Read more

Fishing for carp in the summer

Carp — fish is not exclusively a bottom type of food, because the search for food it is not limited to deep water. It can gather food from the surface. In spring and summer most of the time of day the carp carried out at the surface. Any drifting on water the subject of the carp identifies as potential food. To feed on the surface of the water the koi are much more aggressive than on the bottom. Sometimes carp can swallow frogs, larger roach that fell to the water and small apples.

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