Donka with the tube. The technique of fishing

What tackle do not catch our fishermen. Many folk of the invention often primitive appearance, but no less efficient. That ground rod with tube belongs to them. Tackle this from different fishermen called different: some call this Donk harvester, other satellite, a bomb, well, the rest — smanjenom.

The stories of old fishermen Soviet “school” this tackle was something of a precursor feeder. In short, lightweight version of the “gear-tube” is the conventional plastic tube from the “PET” » Read more

Technique of performing far casting spinning reel

If you went fishing on the big pond, definitely have to make long casts. Note that for any a fishing rod has its own fishing technique, which will depend on the order blank, and its length. To throw one more will be optimized with soft casts, another, on the contrary, sharp. If a fisherman uses a particular tackle, then he should try to develop a style of casting that works effectively under different conditions.

Guided by the wind

When you have to send the gear over long distances, » Read more