Bread and sour curd is an effective bait for catching tench

Ling fish is very cautious and catch it can be very difficult. She’s scared and the slightest foreign sound, and Mature individuals prefer to swim alone. These circumstances significantly complicate the fishing line, and though they are omnivorous, but catch them without prior feeding locations is simply unrealistic. After a study of feed compositions can talk about lures, and ways of hooking the right fish fish.

What bait is better: purchased or homemade

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Fishing for tench in autumn on the float rod

In October to catch tench simple, you need only not be afraid of the dark. Many will probably be interested in this phrase “do not be afraid of the dark”. This suggests that in autumn, in the afternoon, Lin is impossible to fish due to too light water, so you have to catch the late evening. Lin revolves around the reeds and in a big kelp forest and in places where a lot of silt. The main campsites are close to the shore.

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