Best universal attachment for fishing — bread!

One of the most versatile and efficient attachments is ordinary bread, and many anglers use it for fishing white fish. Very often a crumb or a crust of bread treated with various aromatic compounds, for example, anise drops. Attractants attract fish to the nozzle, while the results of the fishing greatly improved.

As a grain bait and nozzles can be used for various options:

  • light;
  • black;
  • baton;
  • Poliany bread.

Each of them has its own peculiarity, characteristic features, » Read more

How to make homemade universal imitation fish and a circle for the winter and summer

Offers its readers a universal set, which in winter can be used as ice imitation fish for winter and summer as “the circle”, I called it “kruzhko-zherlitsa”. How to make your own, a miracle tackle at home. I made your “kruzhko-the imitation fish” on a lathe production Smolensk, which has a fixture for machining large diameter (Fig.1). On the machine faster manually can also be done, but it requires other materials, dense foams, and polyurethanes.

Billet round shape cut out jigsaw of the » Read more