Carp in the spring. When, where and what to catch carp

The many negative reviews about fishing for carp in the spring, perplexed. Because at this time there is a chance to admire the rather large specimens, to demonstrate proficiency and confirm the proud title of fisherman.

But what about passion? After all, the whole point is the ability to find a way to catch the most elusive. Some fans, generally follow the principle “catch interesting when others despaired of”.

But, despite the contradictory opinion, for those who want to compete » Read more

Places where you can catch sturgeon

Since time immemorial people used to catch the sturgeon, because it was and still is considered a delicious fish from those that live in the Russian waters. Czeczuga (as it is called by some fishermen), there is one unique quality — her body has no parasites. This is what makes the fish from the detachment sturgeon coveted trophy.

Habitat sturgeon

Basically, the fish found in middle and Northern latitudes. Though the sturgeon and sea fish, but to spawn, she swims in the rivers that » Read more

Fishing in Mordovia, where to fish in Mordovia?

The center of the European part of Russia, or rather on the Eastern European plain. The Volga Basin. Distance from Moscow to Saransk, capital of Mordovia, 600 km to the South-East.

The main water arteries of the Republic of Mordovia — Moksha river and its tributaries Issa, Sivin ‘ and satis, as well as Sura, the main donors of which ore, stone and Insar. Summarizing the water potential this is also a very beautiful region, we note that the fishing interest here are more than hundreds of » Read more

Fishing where to fish?

The volume of fish caught in Norway are directly dependent on geography. And the North – the more fish easier to catch and it is larger, and the South — the fish less!

The fishing traditions of Norway have more than 1000 Yu story, because the coastline of Norway with the Islands is more than 83 thousand km. Today Norway is the world’s largest exporter of seafood and fishing is ranked 2nd in profitability after oil and petroleum products.