Fishing Rotana in the vicinity of Tobolsk in the winter on fat

Rotan as a trophy on the way to the peak

Once upon a time, many years ago, fell into my hands a small book, it was called something like “Fish and fishing”. And in it, among other things, talked about the acclimatization in the Ural lakes European whitefish. It turned out that the settlers in new bodies of water the first time reached large numbers, and of unprecedented proportions. And vendace, which in the native Ladoga lake rarely reaches 300 g, being in the Ural lakes, often grown to a » Read more

About setting jig when assembling the winter gear

A significant part of the winter yet to come, and hopefully with it we’ll still have a successful day fishing. I must say that among the fishermen there is a clear separation according to the method of fishing. As in summer, when, of course, types of fishing much more in the winter, many spetsializiruyutsya only on one thing. Most often it is either a standard spinner or jig. I myself though sometimes podavlivaya lure, but the lure for me is still out of competition. Without a doubt, this is » Read more

Perch fishing on mormyshka in the winter

Perch fishing in winter is characterized by a constant hot. The fish eats with the same intensity, in both warm and cold season. Bass has a big population, so this species is very common in water bodies of Russia. The perch bite is so intense that even a beginner is always a catch. There is a active bite for many reasons. Bass are schooling fish, and with the onset of cold weather she actually gets off in dense flocks in the winter, and if fishing catches catchability place, it means that the » Read more

How to build a winter bait correctly

In reality, the choice of the gear under changing conditions of fishing boils down to variations of such parameters as, first, the diameter of the line, and secondly, the size of jig and hook. Everything else is unimportant. For every fishing situation there is an optimum ratio of the size of the jig and diameter of the line, where we have the best option. It is desirable that the difference of the diameters of rods in the rods was 0.01 mm. For classic sports jig I have suspension of a » Read more

How to make homemade universal imitation fish and a circle for the winter and summer

Offers its readers a universal set, which in winter can be used as ice imitation fish for winter and summer as “the circle”, I called it “kruzhko-zherlitsa”. How to make your own, a miracle tackle at home. I made your “kruzhko-the imitation fish” on a lathe production Smolensk, which has a fixture for machining large diameter (Fig.1). On the machine faster manually can also be done, but it requires other materials, dense foams, and polyurethanes.

Billet round shape cut out jigsaw of the » Read more

How to catch bream in the winter

Winter fishing for bream is different from the summer a more sophisticated way of fishing, and the choice of gear should be treated more carefully. First we need to know how to catch bream in the winter, and then to prepare for it. Winter makes big bream to be in deep water areas. Broke they come out for food, that’s where they were much easier to catch. Fishing for bream in winter, the bait you prepare at home. It consists of a combined cereal and dry food with the » Read more

Winter blesnenii “A-Elita” the best of all

There are different schools winter blesneniya and the corresponding tackle. It so happened that I started to practice fishing blesneniem, with a simple inertial reels. In the lung “okuniew” version of the coil is usually with the spinning one. These rods are a bit heavier than “deaf” besnilian, but allow you to quickly change the working descent for harvest throughout the water column that fishing for perch is very important. With the bite of a large predator (walleye or pike) you can quickly » Read more

Lures for winter fishing

Winter spinners or lures for winter fishing — in General, the same vertical, only smaller. So often they are loaded (weighted with lead). As the name implies, use them for the sheer predatory fishing from the ice in winter. However sometimes, under certain circumstances, they can be used in open water. Fishing there can be very beneficial when fishing for perch, walleye, small pike from bridges, diversion structures, dams, installed in shallow areas with low flow, on small rivers or » Read more

Winter fishing for carp

Most anglers believes that carp in the winter is not powered. It is a common misconception, because in the spring, we clearly observed a well-nourished and fattened fish. It continues to feed throughout the winter period, but in smaller quantities. In summer, daily consumption of food can amount to several pounds, but winter is estimated in grams. In winter, the fish feeds on only those that I could find under the ice. In our case, these are bloodworms, and various gastropods. This fishing » Read more

Features carp fishing in the winter and spring

What need bait for carp fishing in the early spring, what to catch carp in the winter?

The process of carp fishing in the spring and winter are very different from each other. If one tactic and bait for fishing in the spring and lead to better results, too, the winter will be completely useless. However, caught a big carp in the winter time of year is a special trophy and a sign of an experienced angler-carpatica.

Features carp fishing in winter

Every kabatnik should be aware that the » Read more