The Art of Conservation: Yeti Presents ‘Wild Sheep’

“There is no half way. After his first exposure, a man is either a sheep hunter or he isn’t. He either falls under the spell of sheep hunting and sheep country or he won’t be caught dead on another sheep mountain.” — Jack O’Connor

This book is for the sheep hunters. For the readers of O’Connor and the lovers of the long-lens photographers who brave the rough August mountains of Alaska and northern Canada. This book is by a sheep hunter, produced by Adam Foss, who’s dedicated his life and work to the sheep mountains, living closer in spirit to the great O’Connor than any of us will know.   

Yeti put together this book with Foss and the Wild Sheep Foundation. It is an art book, a canvas-bound coffee-table book, and it is a love story. There are tales of hunters and guides and biologists and photographers. It is a master class in mountain photography from some of the very best shutter clickers to ever toe the scree: Foss himself, Tony Bynum, Steven Drake, Sam Averett, and many more.   

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