The best flavours and boilies

The best flavours and boilies

flavours and boilies

From the history of the first boilies. They appeared in 80-e years in Europe, when local fishermen made a balls of a mixture of corn and soya flour, semolina and eggs. This lure was very effective and became the best for carp fishing because it allows you to cut off the bites of small fish. Since carpatica with experience continue to catch carp and other fish on a snap where the bait stands Boyle. Currently the stores a wide selection of boilies in different sizes and flavors. Moreover, it is possible to prepare catchability baits at home out of scrap previously purchased ingredients. Fishing for carp in the spring and summer boylesbingo effective, but it is worth considering seasonal preference of the fish. About these and other intricacies of matching boilies we will tell later in this article.

Store baits against household. Which is better? To buy store-bought boilies have the following cases. If you don’t know on what bait carp bite aconcrete the pond. If you don’t have time to independent production, then you need to buy anyway.
Purchase boilies show a quite stable result. Moreover, in online shops you can buy them at low prices. They have a good shelf life and the product is not stale.
Homemade boilies have their advantages and disadvantages: do You know the content in your bait all included ingredients and will be able to pick up the key even to the most capricious fish. If you are familiar with carp and pond, which are going to catch, you will not be difficult to make the right boilie with the desired taste, color and size.

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The choice of boilie and fine tooling. For carp fishing used bait boilies and boilie-bait. Bait boilies have the same smells and taste as the bait, only in more poor concentration. There are two types of boilie bait: floating and sinking. They differ in formulation and manufacturing technology.
In the manufacture of a sinking boilie, rolled the balls are well cooked or frozen. Solid sinking Boyle will be a long time to lie on the bottom, attracting carp.

boilies for carp

Floating baits are not well cooked, and prepared in the microwave. They become light and fluffy. This increases the buoyant boilies. The lack of such boilies — looseness. It does not give Boyle a long time to keep the shape of a ball. For carp fishing , as a rule, used boilies with a diameter of 2-3 cm, this size makes the bait unattractive for small fish and large carp attractive.

As for color, the fishermen-carpatica often use boilies red, yellow, purple and white. When choosing the color of lure you need to come out of water clarity and bottom condition fishing place. You need to keep in mind that in muddy water better than visible light anyway.On a bright day the fish will quickly notice the darker ball. These niany have to know every kabatnik. Usually fishermen when fishing for carp on boilies used of HAIR or hair accessories. In this case, the hook is the lure and not causing the fish any suspicion. The bait becomes more attractive to fish. If the bite and subsequent induction of the carp Boyle sent hook the fish right in the mouth. And when fish tries to get rid of a foreign body in the mouth, occurs at the end of the fish and the carp get trapped in. In the future, there is angling and it all depends on the skill of carpatica and strength of fishing rods and fishing line.

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How to make boilies for carp at home? It is available to any angler who is familiar with the kitchen and can cook. For making homemade boilies does not require special skills, mental and material costs.
Boilie recipe for carp. The first kneaded the dough separately from different types of flour, cereals. Then roll out dough sausages, which are cut into pieces of a certain size, then they made balls. Then the balls are cooked in the microwave, boil or freeze. Balls cooked in boiling water should be carefully dried. Drying takes several days.

One of the proven by our fishermen recipe boilies for carp fishing as follows. Mixed in the Cup of corn and soy flour. 2 cups of semolina and a glass of milk. Stir everything thoroughly. In a homogeneous mixture are added ten fresh eggs, vegetable oil 2-3 tbsp. spoons of dye 1 teaspoon and a little flavoring. Then stir from the test do balls.

Flavours for carp boilies. Boyle flavoured with dip. When making boilies at home are different flavors. Dips Classic boilies based on the Richworth is the addition of dip. 1 kg of dry mix will require 5-7 ml of Dipa. It turns out Boyle is heat resistant with a pleasant smell. These homemade baits work better than branded balls Richworth, or rather the boilie is obtained by adding dips firm Mistral. On 1 kg of the mixture requires 3 ml of dip, dips is an aromatic liquid in which is dipped the nozzle before throwing the bait in the water.

Dry herbs and spices Other type of additives are aromatic dry herbs and spices. For example, adding 15 g of cinnamon powder per 1 kg of the mixture gives a very good result. Amazing boilies are created by the addition of a mixture of spices that is intended for cooking curry. 1 kg of dry mix, 2 tablespoons of spicy additives. You can make the bait with the chili flavor, then you need to add to 1 kg of the mixture 1 tablespoon of red pepper.

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