The choice reels spinning

Coil selection is no easy task, especially when there are plenty to choose from. Therefore, acquiring a spinning reel, anglers subconsciously making it easier to be guided by either habit or prejudice towards a particular type of device. Often the deciding factor is the price of the product. Someone prefers expensive coils, and someone- the cheapest models. But this approach is not always justified and rational. High cost does not necessarily indicate high quality. Most of the additional systems, devices and improvements, much of high cost coil, makes it bulky, less convenient and often just a publicity ploy. Should not buy and very very cheap model. This is a “good” purchase nothing but disappointment, the angler will bring.

How to choose a spinning reel

Attractive, bright appearance and a high-profile name are not a guarantee of quality — the market is full of low-quality fakes that look like products of famous manufacturers. In addition, the production process or Assembly can be carried out not by the developer of the model, and some third-party foreign firms and to the selling products are already under other names firms. Often these developers or producers do not use their own products markings, but uses the logo of a well-known trading companies.

Therefore, the same product may be sold under different trade names. It is clear that all this does not facilitate the selection of coils, but rather further confuse the angler, making for more confusion. Of course, if you have sufficient experience angler will easily be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different models and to select a coilcorresponding to his requests. Well, if experience is not enough or not at all? Offer some General tips and recommendations that will help the novice to make the correct choice of the coil and in the future to enjoy the results.

So, first of all, as with rod, you should decide where, in what conditions and in what way it is supposed to catch fish, and on this basis to decide what type and class of the coil is most acceptable. Not regret spending a few days and check out the whole range of models and prices. Again: do not buy too expensive or too cheap coil, remember the rule of the Golden mean. In the case where it is assumed to catch fish from the coast, by ground, using heavy sinkers or fishing line with a thickness of more than 0.35 mm, you will need an inertial reel with a drum diameter 90-110 mm in width of 20-30 mm and the height of the cheeks of 15-30 mm.

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This will allow to be wound on the spool 100-150 meters fishing line diameter of 0.4-0.6 mm. If you plan to fish in wiring a float rig at a distance of 10-15 m from the shore or fly fishing, choose a medium size reel with a drum diameter of 60 mm to 80 mm. To start, take any reel in hand and check the quality of its build. All moving parts should not “hang out” and have sharp edges. Pay particular attention to the clearances between the rubbing parts of the coil — they should be minimal. The basis of the inertial spinning reel is a reel, its light weight and precise balancing ensures easy and quiet rotation with oscillation. The coils good quality drum can be easily removed.

Now we have to check the brake-ratchet, motorlaiviai and handles of the drum. The brake should be convenient, easy to turn on and off and to prevent the rotation of the drum at loads close to the strength of the line of the smallest diameter, which is expected to equip the coil. Adjustment of motorlaivas should ensure smooth reduction of speed of rotation of the drum without sacrificing balance. Handle which rotates the drum when winding the fishing line must be convenient and easily turn around its axis clockwise and counterclockwise. Large inertia reels are supplied with two handles, small one.

For catching in a plumb best fit multiplier

Fishing for ground tackle from the boat or walkway on live bait, or when vertical fishing is more suitable animated coil of the middle class with two ball bearings, designed for fishing line diameter of 0.3-0.6 mm, with a ratio of at least 1:4,0. Typically, these multipliers faultlessly. The only thing you need to pay attention is the availability of the device to disable rotation of the handle before casting to reduce the inertia of the drum. Buying a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod, you need to know that she is most comfortable on hard, short odnorodnye the mixed form of the reel seat and the reference trigger under the index finger.

The coil head is the best option for catching wiring

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When fishing other methods are more suitable spinning reel. Good, the right type of coil allows you to unlock almost limitless potential of spinning tackles. But under one condition: the rod and coil must match each other. You can’t equip a light rod reel massive; hard and long enough the rod does not fit well with very light rails, designed for the use of fine woods. So the first thing you need to decide what coil type you need. All spinning reels “is actively used about half are wound on the spool of fishing line. The rest serves as a reserve which can be useful when playing large size production. In the case of casting light lures requires a third of the entire length of the fishing line on the spool.

Universal is considered to be the middle coil group accommodating 100 m fishing line with a diameter of 0.24-0.30 mm. Now let’s deal with the specific characteristics, parameters and design features and try to determine the most efficient combination. Coil weight depends on the material from which made its case. Metal coils are slightly heavier, but more durable and hardy. In any case, the coils of the middle group optimal weight of 250-300 grams.

The number of bearings will also affect the weight of the coil. There may be from 0 to 10. But this is extreme. To ensure a smooth and sustainable operation of mechanisms is enough two or three ball bearings. The gear ratio is a very important characteristic. Have a decent models it ranges from 1:4.6 to 1:5,6. There are more high-speed coils, but they are in a different price category. Well, at least speed not effectively use the properties of artificial lures, and when playing a fish they are not as convenient.

The shape of the spool from spinning reels may be different. However, the most appropriate is oblong-barrel-shaped form. For distance casting or when using the lightest lures used oblong-conical spools. Well, if the coil is equipped with one or two spare spools form. In this case, each of them is equipped with a fishing line of different diameter, and, if necessary, performed their quick change. Uncomfortable spool with high flange. When casting it inhibits the flushing of the line, and if the PREROLL prevents its uniform distribution on the drum. Well, when the spool has an elongated skirt, almost completely covering the rotor of the line bale. Such a structure prevents the fishing line to the screw axis.

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In addition to these characteristics, the coil must be provided with a system protivotankovaya fishing line (a must!) and AV system (desirable). If the selected coil meets all these requirements, then almost certainly you have managed to find a high-quality and reliable model. And will still be good to check it in more detail. First, make sure the coil has no visible external damage.

Pay particular attention to the quality of the polishing of the end face of the front flange of the spool, shackle and roller line bale. Make sure that the body of the coil and the rotor had a system of protection against penetration of sand and water. The gap between the halves should be almost not visible, and the screws connecting both halves need to be recessed into the body of the housing. Secondly, make sure of smoothness of the handle and rotor. When turning the crank mechanism ka carcass must run quietly, smoothly and freely, without jamming.

The arc of the line bale should lean back easily, but with a noticeable spring resistance and return to operating position abruptly,with a click and to stop immediately in the beginning of movement of the handle. The click should be deaf and elastic. Thirdly, carefully check the movement of the roller line bale. In that case, if the roller is not rotating or is rotating tight coil, despite all its other advantages, is subject to rejection! The gaps between the roller and thrust bearings are unacceptable.

There may be no transverse play of the roller. The coil pin height is also an important indicator. And at the end of the inspection verify that the holding brake preventing rotation of the rotor in the direction winding the fishing line. Test of the friction brake, make sure of smoothness of its adjustment. To do this, gradually turning brake screw, check the uniformity of increase of effort cranking the spool. And the last one. Ensure ease of replacement of the spool on the spare and the possibility of inverting its handle on the opposite side of the housing.

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