The law of the Russian Federation on regulations of free fishing for individuals

According to media reports on the territory of the Russian Federation plans to introduce a law on regulations free fishing individuals. Each region will be developed their rules, and they will be very different. If the offender is caught red-handed in his attitude will apply to penalties – the penalty in amount from two to three hundred thousand rubles.

For example, residents of Kurgan and the Region may catch more than five kilos of different fish. With the exception of midges, their number shall not exceed one hundred grams.

Residents of the Leningrad region can produce no more than 50 grams of bloodworms, but the basic rules are more strict.

In the Altai and in the Altai region is permitted to catch up to 10 kg white fish (in total). The restrictions relating to fishing for burbot, carp, carp, pike and roach. But, however, in Tomsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Omsk and their regions restrictions will affect, and fishing cancer – they can produce no more than two pounds per person.

It is interesting that in Krasnoyarsk region will also be a restriction on the extraction of crustaceans: their maximum number is fifty clams per person, and the inspectors fishing control own will to count them.

By the way, Altai is forbidden to catch more than three perch for the fisherman (instead, you can catch two trout). In Krasnoyarsk region can be fined for exceeding the catch: you are only allowed to extract or five lines, or the same amount of carp. In the Kaliningrad region are allowed to bring fishing only three eels and one catfish. In the Pskov region and two whitefish and five pike.

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According to the newspaper “arguments of the Week”, most fortunate Far East and Primorsky Krai. There are rules catch much more loyal: for example, a fisherman from Khanty-Mansiysk can bring the fishing home with a decent amount of white fish – 30kg. In General, there are: perch, crucian carp, roach, Dace.

In Primorsky Krai can be mined in a day: sixty of navag, twenty-herrings, to hundreds of korosec. In addition, the composition of the daily allowance includes congee – 15штук, malmö – 25 pieces, pelengasa – 10pcs, but the horse-Gubar to take no more than three copies.

On Sakhalin island you can be fined if caught with 50 different oysters, Spisula, and grey sea urchins, and in the Amur region soldered fine, if the cage is not a trout, but two.

Another paragraph of the act States that in all regions of Russia will be limited to fishing from bridges or under them. You cannot use as fishing spears. Bait or spinning anglers will be able to hang no more than ten hooks.

The average daily rate for the extraction of aquatic biological resources for fishermen-Amateurs of the Saratov region and Saratov introduced in may. The spawning period is now over and residents of the city and the region can catch on float and spinning gear.

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