The nozzle of the paste for fishing

There is probably no person who ever in your life tried halva and drinking any drink. It turns out that this “feed” can not only eat, but use to catch fish. This is not surprising because part of Oriental sweets includes ingredients that fish was very respected. It is sunflower seeds, sugar, natural flavors

Whom you can catch on paste

As it turned out, the nozzle of halva caught a lot of fish, mostly peaceful. Actively peck: a carp, a crucian, plotnicki. You can also catch Krasnoperov, hasterok, bream with skimmers.

How to make the nozzle of halva. A few recipes

Anyone who has ever dealt with this dessert, he knows that it is very painted. But you can make a very effective head mixing the paste with other ingredients. Of course, every fisherman has his own recipe. Next, we will cite only a few of them.

Option # 1

For the manufacture of the nozzle for this recipe, we need:

  • Paste;
  • A piece of bread or the dough of average consistency.

The sweetness of the mash into small pieces. You can even RUB it on a grater. You should get weight, like cake, that is very crumbly. Now left indentation of the obtained cake in the bread.

If you are going to catch on the feeder, then to the obtained composition, add the wool. It will give the ground firmness. Make from a mixture of balls, and see them safely on the hook.

Option # 2

You can mix the paste with the semolina. To do this in a jar put mashed sweetness and semolina in equal proportions, then fill up with water. Water you need to pour a couple of spoons, because during heat treatment the paste will bleed oil. Next, prepare the composition in a water bath, or put it in the microwave.

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To test the readiness of composition is very easy – it will be such a mess, and the consistency is sticky and thick. When the mixture is slightly cooled, you need to lay it on a cutting Board, add the semolina and then knead well. The greater the amount of semolina added, the more viscous composition.

How better to spread the paste

If you chose as the tackle the float rod, the nozzle of the paste need to do soft. Stick on the hook need a small pea, while sting has to be hidden inside the bait. When you are hooking the fish, the tip of the hook will easily penetrate the ball, and will jump into the mouth of a fish.

When fishing the feeder or the ground need to form a more solid pellets. If you catch carp you can of halva balls to use hair installation.

Halva, porridge — all of your fish

Keep the attachment preferably in a dark place and safeguard it from direct sunlight, otherwise the product will quickly become worthless.

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