The top ring on the spinning rods

Rod without rings is not spinning. Many anglers question arises what rings best. Spinning throughput of the ring intended for the direction of the line and not allow it to SAG under its own weight or stick to the rod, but the most important purpose, to distribute the load on the whip. Material crossing rings, the quality and the correctness of the location affect the service life of the line as the rod spinning in General. The placement of the rings is not where it should be, will cause it to fracture, as when casting and while fishing out fish the rod will assume deformation load contrary to the ranks of the whip.

From the strength of the material from which made the ring, and the degree of grinding determines the casting distance and the quality of fishing line on the reel. At first the spinning rings made of steel wire. Over time, the designer introduced steel, chrome and carbide-chromium rings. They are now mounted on metal and glass fiber the spinning. These rings are very a lot of disadvantages. Their frames rust, liners wear out and break. The low quality of such products is not justified even for their cheapness. Slightly improved you can call the ceramic ring.

The prices are cheap, the fragile and heavy. A higher quality oxide ring ( silicon oxide, lithium, aluminum), which are the same have many drawbacks: the difficulty in polishing, and sometimes that otsenivaetsya. The best is considered the agate ring. In appearance and especially for the price they are more like jewelry. Therefore, to afford the luxury not everyone can. However, science and manufacturing are not standing still.

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And if the anglers needed the rings ultimate hardness, mirror smooth, with minimal friction and, importantly, at an affordable price, then sooner or later they had to appear. And so it happened. There were rings “sic”, material based on silicon carbide. Recently, the leading companies producing high-quality rods that complement them such rings.

In addition, these firms produce and unbreakable ring of the highest quality “gold germet”, however their price is very high and not every angler can afford to buy such a purchase. The rod depending on its length can be set from 4-7 crossing rings, at least 8-9, or 11. Short whips for the winter or plumb set of 3 rings. Theoretically, the optimal number of rings and their proper placement would make the spinning absolutely reliable tackle.

But in practice, it turns out, is not so simple. It would seem that the rings more. The evenly distributed load across the length of the rod. And when playing big fish or the sudden casting is used to the elasticity and flexibility of the whip, and the strength of the fishing line becomes so important. However, the increase in the number of rings, first, it increases the weight of the gear, thereby changing its characteristics and not for the better. And secondly, increases the friction of the fishing line in the rings when casting and reduces the range and accuracy. And if the PREROLL increases the likelihood of rupture.

The number of rings on the whip set on the basis of taking into account its properties and dimensions. The largest diameter of the ring is closer to the butt, then, ie to the tip of the whip, attach the rings in the order of their decreasing, but the frequency of location increases ( to reduce the load on the tip). The last top ring “Tulip” for the same reason should be placed not at a right angle relative to the whip, as the preceding ring, and under the angle of 110 — 125 degrees.

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This provision makes the pole resistant to high loads in the lower portions of the whip. A very important factor is also the diameter of the rings, especially when equipped with the rod outdoor spinning reels. The fact that the coil winding of the fishing line is carried out with a fixed spool, not the treadmill, and run with it, the line describes a complicated spiral trajectory. However, she must “get” in the ring, slightly touching the wall. Otherwise, there will be a wringing of the line, which will inevitably lead to its entanglement.

Therefore, to reduce the friction necessary to increase the diameter of the rings, but it is irrational: it will deteriorate the structure of the rod will increase its price. This problem has allowed the appearance of the rings with the ear of triangular shape with rounded vertices. Passing through such rings, fishing line comes into contact with the sleeve only at three points. This revision of the rings solved the problem with friction and excluded rotational runout of the fishing line, the weight of the rings themselves is also reduced. The triangle is usually only near to the coil the massive base ring.

On modern spinning throughput of the ring have become even more complicated. Composed of the simplest of them have an external frame, the plastic absorber and a strong durable liner. But there are roller, and folding, and a removable ring. Mostly the rings are attached to the whip through the uprights (legs), their number depending on the design features varies from two to four. The new modern light rings are provided not only one particularly strong springy stand.

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A separate group of rods are of spinning rods with one or two basic rings or without crossing rings. The fishing line is held in the cavity of the whip on a perfectly polished Kevlar channel or through the ring located in the cavity of the rod. Strength beshlawy rods are superior to traditional spinning, so as to evenly distribute the load on the whip along its length, but the casting distance of the lure such gear is limited to fifteen to twenty meters. Therefore, rod without rings are mainly used in angling with float or float.

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