Tips for choosing offset hook and ways of fixing attachments

Sometimes fishing takes place in very difficult conditions: in snags in the middle of trostnikov, grassy bottom pits etc. And the success of such fishing as a whole will depend on the correct selection of gear and accessories. A greater role played by fishing hooks. Many fishermen in the difficult conditions of fishing use “avseniki”.

Offset hooks. The purpose of their use

In common, these snap elements are called “otsenkami”, but these hooks have a more official name – “Offset Nook”, which means offset hook for mounting silicone ear gels and other baits made from soft materials. The model differs from the other fellows so that his forearm in a special arched. This allows to reliably fix the silicone bait, and allows it to slip off while making casts.

Whatever modification or size would not be “opsitnik”, it has:

  • Double Z-shaped curve of the forearm that is used to secure the bait.
  • Sting, recessed or, on the contrary, sticking out of the soft plastic nozzle.
  • Typically, these model hooks are used with diversity of equipment like: Texas, Carolina, dart shots, equipment use drop leash. The unusual design of the “opsenica” gives the bait a kind of slide in the water column. If to it to hang the sinker eye and crown ring, it will turn the fixture “jig”. Thus the dynamic movement of the bait is a special game, attracting big, trophy fish.

    The undeniable advantage of curved hooks is the ability to secure models will not “silicone”. The downside is the unreliability and quick rupture of silicone lures in the places of puncture. Also they can fly off the hook or sliding at sharp far casts.

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    The selection criteria for “offset”

    When selecting fishing hooks must keep in mind a few key points:

    • the shape of the forearm;
    • the size of the model;
    • sting and the extent of its sharpening;
    • eyelet diameter;
    • the diameter of the wire.

    A reminder: don’t forget that often the collection of models of the same manufacturer, the hooks of the same numbers can be different.

    The ways of fixing the nozzle on the hook

    “Opsitnik” has a special form of the forearm, and this gives the possibility of attachment is on the principle of “nezatseplyayki”. But when mounting the gear, consider the kind of hook:

    There are two kinds of fixing bait. One of them is classic, or “Texas”, and the second open.

    In the first case, we’ll need a hook with a straight bend. The bait need to pierce from the yard and spread on the Z-shaped bend of the forearm. The tip of the sting enters the “silicone” to the end, but not coming out. So it is possible to prevent hooks tackle, and to ensure maximum fixation of the lure.

    The working part of the hook should always be sharp, to:

    • the nozzle is easily dressed on a hook;
    • fish it is possible to hook in.

    Texas rigging is used for the posted snap-ins. They are quite successfully used by fishermen for lures fishing predators like pike, perch, pike, etc.

    For the open method used model wide gap, which has a special groove that provides a tight fixation of the bait. Pressed firmly against the ring protects him from all sorts of hooks for the vegetation of the pond.

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    If snap classic jig hook is connected through the winding ring. If the hole the hook is too small, and does not allow to hook the ring, then the fisherman need to upgrade it by biting off a small piece pliers or cutters.

    Hooks soldered sinker used for fishing on a “broken” bait-type swimbaits and jerkbaits. Such fishhooks do not need additional shipping, and they can be used for spot casting on a small distance into the thick aquatic vegetation or in kalisnik.

    If mounted attachment as tightly as possible to fit the tip of the hook to eliminate hooks. But not too far to hide the tip in the body of the bait, or bite it cannot escape, and you will not be able to hooking the fish.

    Tips that makes it much easier fishing

  • If you went to catch predators, use offset hooks №№ 3-5.
  • To catch a lot of pike and perch need to use thin models “avsenikov”. They are better to pierce the jaw of the fish, and they can unfold in the case of “dead hooks”.
  • For larger fish it is better to take the hooks made of a thicker, sturdy material.
  • When fishing on Twister, the body of the lure is better not to pierce.
  • When you select the snap check that the hook bait matched each other in size.
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