Types of feeders. Their use

Good results showed in the fishing feeder tackle. One of the most important components is the trough. What model to choose, what to pay attention to when buying, will be discussed below.

The feeders are intended primarily for delivery of feeding in the point of fishing. That is why, be sure to look at the aerodynamic properties of the model. This is very important when making distance shootouts (at a distance of more than fifty meters from the shoreline).

Be sure to also take account of the conditions of fishing in a particular pond: for example, if in one case you’ll need to happen fast emptying of the trough, the other case will need for her was reaching the bait plume.

Do not forget about the stability of the snap on the bottom of the pond. If it reliably locks into place, this allows the tip of the feeder bend. When fishing in the coquina or in ponds with grass, sometimes you have to podmotat fishing line. If the feeder is of high quality, it’s good to break away from the bottom, as correctly shipped.

Main types of feeders

All feeders can be divided into several types, and each of them has its functional. They are classified according to configuration, material, and type of shipment. This should be guided selecting the most appropriate model.

Mesh feeders (cells) are classic models of the feeders, and differ in form:

  • A cylindrical trough is a work in calm still water or little flow.
  • If fishing takes place on rivers with a strong current of water, it is better to pick the trough rectangular, triangular forms, as it is believed that they are the perfect “hold bottom”.
  • Squares are the most versatile. They can be used as the current, and in calm waters.
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    Feature of “cells” is the location of the item shipped – plate of lead fixed to one side of the trough. At the same time, the weight is always indicated his exact weight, but without the weight of the lure.

    The following model feeders — Speed-Feeder. It is designed to perform far casts when fishing for shallow water or on the deep edge. This contributes to the unusual location of the ballast (located in the front part).

    Tip: the feeder will be better to get rid of the lure if the sinker to carry away from the body.

    But besides shape, weight and size of the gear, you also need to pay attention to the material equipment. The most popular materials for the manufacture of steel mesh are considered, at places or had sheet metal and plastic.

    The feeder “cells” can be open, semi-closed and sliding type (spiral). The first option is designed for still water or low current because the bait composition of such models released quickly. Semi-enclosed feeders have at the end of the plug. The lure of them is washed out slowly, forming a loop. That is why such models are more effective in fast water.

    From moving (springs, helix) feeders have several advantages: they are aerodynamic and have a simple design. Through the Central tube passes the main line, allowing the trough to slide freely along the segment of the line from the swivel to the stop. At the same time, the feeder-springs make the tackle is not very sensitive, so do not use them when fishing on the course.

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    One of the modifications is sliding snap-in frame feeder feeder. The basic difference is that the wire has been replaced by a longitudinal plastic plates. In such feeders, as a rule, lay viscous mixture that can withstand long casts.

    Closed container feeders are intended for delivery to the place of catching of organic feed: bloodworms, maggots, chopped worms etc. If the model is to remove the mechanical valve, you get an open trough.

    Modern manufacturers supply the market with varieties of snap with independent adjustment of the speed of elution of the lure by moving end gate-aperture, which is very convenient.

    Next in the lineup is for bait feeder. It has a large size, and it allows you to quickly create the bottom of the reservoir large aft spot, attracting fish from far distances. Usually, such tackles are made independently, so how to meet them hard.

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