What fishing line is best to choose. How to store and how to wind

To come home from fishing empty-handed, and a good catch, you need to equip a fishing rod. On what line you choose, will depend very much. With it come together all the elements of the snap, is going to throw bait, pulled out after hooking the fish. Fishing lines must have the following qualities:

  • wear resistance;
  • strength;
  • elasticity;
  • to be as inconspicuous in the pond.

Analysis of the qualities of the line

For selection of the right cord should be guided by specific features of the product: for example, the thread for feeder and trimmer substantially different. But still, you cannot select multi-function gear that will work in all conditions.

  • The scaffold should be elastic, that is, to possess the qualities of compression and extension. Such line usually complement spinning rods fishing for the Chub and perch fish. Less springy and thick woods model put for bottom fishing and hunting big fish.
  • In addition, the string needs to be wear resistant. She must confront the influence of sunlight and friction.
  • Innovative technologies have affected fishing in particular – the woods. Now they can last up to 700 hours.
  • Another useful property of the cord is a weak memory. What is it? When a fisherman unwinds the fishing line (extra thick and sturdy), it winds the spring, so throwing it is difficult. To find out the index of “memory”, the line before the purchase is passed between the fingers. If she’s in the wind, it is better not to buy a model of the snap.
  • Quality, is closely associated with “memory” is the malleability of the line. The softer the string, the less it is strong. For long casts, such models fit well, but they are more likely to break. In addition, soft fishing line less collapsed. To mitigate snap, before you throw it moisten with water from a reservoir.
  • Coloring also plays an important role. Modern manufacturers offer camouflage colors of cords for fishing different fish.
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    Varieties of woods and their advantages

    The line is divided into two main types:

  • Monofilament (a monoscaffold). This uniform nylon (polyamide) filament. This product has three subspecies:
    • monofilament fishing line. It is more soft and springy, stretches and flies a long distance.
    • fishing line from copolymer. During its production they use raw materials from several different polyamides;
    • the highest price at high-polymeric threads. But, at the same time, it has several characteristic properties.

  • Braid – this product is made of many threads. This snap-in has a number of beneficial in fishing qualities: high softness, low elasticity, strength. However, is this snap-in is much higher than mono.
  • From what fibers make up a product, it is divided into:

    • made from simple fibers;
    • fibers with sheath (they are very similar to monofilament).

    The use according to the degree of application

    • as already mentioned, the mono-filament is good stretchable thread of nylon that has qualities of resistance to the nodes. Good to use for loose baits and installation of spinners. This thread can alleviate the workload on the coil because absorbs jerks fish. But it is very soft, which leads to rapid wear;
    • copolymere fishing line has a set of qualities that allows use under various conditions of fishing. It is used for jig fishing and making undercuts, since it is not so confused. A negative aspect is the high load of the reel mechanism because of increased stiffness;
    • thread high polymer have a narrow specialization, designed for any kind of fishing. Well-suited as a fishing line, as their structure does not change with prolonged contact with cold water, they are not frosted over, and sink quickly.
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    And to reel her need as shown in the picture below:

    Rules for storage of woods

    Recently, the price of different types of woods have dropped significantly, so many fishermen do not keep, and prefer to replace. However, you should know some common rules: on the line should not be exposed to direct sunlight, do not put it near sources of heat, store in individual containers in a dark place. Cut the threads on the coil, or in the form of “eight”, but not pulling them.

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