What is a fishing clay. Which fish bite on the clay?

Fared well in fishing bait-clay. It is designed for fishing a variety of peaceful fish, and sold in any specialized shop. But many fishermen make the clay yourself. The quality of this lure is not inferior to regular trains, and even in some ways surpasses them. What is this product, and for what purposes it is used, will be explained later.

Clay fishing. What is

This lure, used to hunt white peaceful fish. His score in the trough feeders, frame feeders, “nipple”, “plug”.

Their working qualities and consistency of complementary foods stationery resembles clay, but it includes only natural ingredients. They attract fish with its scent, taste, and have a certain energy value.

You should pay attention

When you choose this product, consider a lot of factors:

  • The product can be licensed, manufactured by the manufacturer, or created in a controlled environment. This also applies to fishing clay. Self-respecting manufacturer will always indicate on the packaging information, shelf life and quantitative composition of the ingredients of the product. This is what you need to focus when buying.
  • This lure should possess high qualities of plasticity. This will help the fisherman to achieve the best catch. As a rule, the serial composition meet requirements, although there are exceptions when self-made bait for catching carp work better. However, this exclusive clay and is more expensive, but to use it – a pleasure.
  • Each fish has their own taste preferences, and have special aroma, “sharpened” under a certain fish in the bait required.
  • On the basis of the last paragraph let us consider the main types of “smells”:

    • large white fish is good to lure with the addition of sweet and exotic fruit aromas. Don’t miss the clay carp, tench, trophy bream and roach, carp and carp. Very interested in the carp and chubs;
    • when fishing on pea clay to hope for a good catch of carp, bream, a high probability of a good catch of IDE;
    • hemp aromas stimulate the appetite of any peaceful fish;
    • plasticine bait with the taste of garlic effectively lures the heat-loving inhabitants of the waters: tench, carp and carp;
    • honey plasticine bait is used in the summer for fishing of carps and carps, chubs, ides;
    • summer is very good “working” corn clay. It with equally good results lures many civilian representatives of ichthyofauna, among which caught carp, carp, grass carps, etc.
    • the lure on the basis of vanillic almost universal – they are used for luring any white fish.
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    What it’s used for fishing clay

    • as the lure. Fishing clay, in principle, is used for this purpose. Before you can use a free product from the package, broke off a tile, a small piece, knead it and then put in a bird feeder of any type. The lure will be a long time to dissolve in water, and it is good to attract the fish its characteristic smell;
    • as a nozzle. In appearance and consistency of the product reminds mastyrka and dough. Roll of plasticine a small ball, attach the hook and use for catching carp, carp and tench;
    • as carp Boyle. To do this, make balls, dry them, and catch on the hair snap. This type of bait is good for carp and Karasevich fish.

    Fishing clay to make their own. Here’s one recipe: take a candy store, vanillic product sunflower cake.

  • In a container put the halva thoroughly mash it until a soft homogeneous mass.
  • In a grinder grind the cake.
  • Add it to the halwa and mix everything together to form a sticky viscous mass.
  • Add the vanilla to add flavor.
  • Put everything in a sealed jar or box and package.
  • This clay works great as a bait and as an independent head for any white fish. By adding different aromas to target the composition for catching certain fish. For example, strawberry flavor can effectively lure carp and carp, and garlic essence is attracted to the place of fishing line. The basis of the lure remains the base. By the way, in the manufacture of halva also used various additives, so the fisherman there is always the opportunity for experimentation.

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    But still, at first (until the angler has no proper experience) it is better to use the factory lures. You will be able to gain experience and a better feel for the positive and negative characteristics plasticine baits.

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