What is the drill for fishing better

With the onset of the winter season among the fishermen all the more urgent becomes the question of the purchase of the ice. Someone has an old drill for winter fishing, and he wants to replace it with a newer model, and someone will buy the first copy. Since this thing is quite expensive, you want to choose the drill that will serve You reliably for a long service, many years of winter fishing. How to choose and what is the drill for fishing better?

Among the fundamental criteria for the choice of such an essential attribute of winter fishing, as Bur, is primarily to highlight the diameter and manufacturer. From the diameter depends on the size of the hole that happens in the end, and hence the size of the fish, which is supposed to catch, and depending on manufacturer varies the price, the quality, the service life of the product. But, everything in order. The most popular and versatile option can be called drills, which drill holes with a diameter of 12-13 cm Why? Such wells are suitable for catching virtually any fish — pike, roach, perch. Of course, pike on 10 kg of this hole you are unlikely to get, but now we are talking about universality of the product.

For those who prefer to move from place to place and often enough to drill new holes with the best drill that the output gives the size of holes with a diameter of 9-10 see it is, the smaller the diameter, the easier and faster to drill the hole. For those who go to catch the big fish, suitable diameter drilling ice screws at 15cm, well, the one who only interested in very large fish, is to purchase a product, which is able to drill a hole with a diameter of 18 see In such a hole, barely, but it will take even the fish of 15 kg. So, to find out what the drill for fishing the best, should take into account your personal preferences. In addition, for fans to drill the ice with lots of holes in search of cool places suitable drill made of titanium, which is order lighter than steel, but more expensive price.

If you are a fisherman, sportsman and best for you a lot of not very big fish, then you should select the drill you need the appropriate. If you like trophy fishing here will only fit options with the long knives. By the way, basically, most of the Boers is able to break through ice up to 90 cm, but there are exceptions, where this parameter increases to 140-160 cm, sometimes with a special insert. Now it’s time to talk about the least important aspect of the ice, namely, its manufacturer. What Bur is better — domestic or foreign production? And those and others have a number of advantages and disadvantages, which is worth a stop in great detail to really understand what the drill is good. Among the Boers of domestic production on the shelves are the most common “Leningrad” and “Barnaul” counterparts.

The Barnaul ice-axes

Barnaul plant “Tonar plus” since 1999, fishing supplies, picks with drilling diameter of 80mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 180mm and drilling depth up to 1900mm. Now the plant produces the following modification of ice screws: a classic, telescopic, two-handed, sport, titanium. The diameter of the drilled hole depending on model ranges from 10-18 see, there’s already plenty to choose from.

Arm many new drills are much easier in comparison with the “St. Petersburg” brethren, making in this aspect they are more similar to the “Scandinavians”, and the process is facilitated by the possibility of drilling, involving both hands.

The Barnaul ice-axes Tonar feature high-speed drilling with minimum effort, combining reliability, durability and low cost, that’s why most anglers use these picks. The sketches show the dimensions of all modifications Barnaul Boers, and the shape of the knives to them.

The extension of the ice

If your borax is not enough height for drilling thick ice it’s nothing, the situation can be corrected if you buy the extension rod or two, as made two versions of 250 mm and 400 mm. For mounting the rod detaches the handle with the standard rod from the screw part that would not require a lot of time, enough for 1-2 min the Number of mounted extenders in the factory “Tonar” is not limited to, the main thing that you feel comfortable in the drilling process. And that means no ice with which the drill with this useful equipment can’t handle. Installation and removal of extensions does not reduces the life of failure-free operation of the drill.

Adapter AL-02 under the screwdriver

Adapter AL-02 under the screwdriver can be equipped with any ice-axes Tonar, except LR-80СД. You can work through extender adapter UA-400. Tornado picks attached to the adapter directly or via extension cable WA-800 (UA-400 K Tornado will not fit), suitable for drilling telescopes. The adapter is fixed by screw-M6 thumb. In the Chuck of the drill (drill) is clamped the shank of the adapter. What should be the drill? The main requirement to the torque does not exceed 100 Nm, the voltage for safety was not more than 18 V. For continuous operation during fishing will be the best driver with high capacity batteries. The weight of the adapter — 0,6 kg.

Extender adapter WA-400 WA-800 to work with screwdriver

To increase the height (length) of all the Boers “Tonar” when working with a drill to the adapter AL-02 for drilling of deep holes will require an extension cord WA-400 (with the exception of LR-80СД, Tornado). For Tornado drills designed extension tube UA-800, it’s also easy to find in shops. Telescopic picks fit both extension cord.

The composition of the ice extension cords: extension axis; the flywheel M6.
After mounting of the extension tube UA-400 drill length is increased by 455 mm (WA-800 x 600 mm). In addition, extension cords can be connected with motors, augers or shurupoverty. For connection of extension cords to the shaft of the augers used the flywheel M6.

To connect extenders with drill adapter is used with the installation of the flywheel M6.
It is permissible to connect the adapter to the screwdrivers with a diameter of 19 mm. of the output shaft Extension permissible to attach to the engine Motomura to the output shaft of 19 mm.
The mass of WA-400 — 0,56 kg (WA-800 — 0,71 kg.)

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The range of ice screws Tonar:

Telescopic fishing borax

Picks of fishing telescopic type have a telescopic extension rod for the rapid increase in its height, when the ice is too thick. Rod built into the axle. All rods are 4 locking position, 100 mm. But the ice this drill is drilled to 1.35 m.

Picks ЛР130Т, ЛР150Т, ЛР180Т

Technical characteristic. Fishing telescopic ice drill auger has a folding and sliding rod extension, this is its advantages over other models. This ledoburu won’t need the installation of a separate rod-extender, it’s a regular retractable, so called telescopic Bur. Rotation counterclockwise (left). Purpose — drilling of holes (holes) in the ice. Retractable rod extender has four locking height (length) 100 mm for various depths of the ice while drilling (1-1.35 m). Application adapter adapter for connection to a drill or screwdriver to turn the drill in the drill, which due to good sharpening holes are drilled in few seconds without the application of force during rotation. Quite a bit pressure on the drill.


Technical data ice screws







Drilling diameter, drilling мм130150180Глубина, мм1350Длина in the working position, мм1550-18501570-1870Длина in the folded position, мм805885Масса no cover no more kg3.0±0.23.2±0.23.3±0.2 Composition of the ice ЛР130Т (150T, 180 TONS)

When delivered in trading networks of Barnaul ice-axes are equipped with telescopic

  • An auger with a cutting head 2;
  • Brace 5;
  • Connecting the castle 4;
  • Rod extension 9;
  • The cutting head 6;
  • Knives 1 — 2pcs; (ЛР180Т-4 PCs.)
  • Screw М6Х12 GOST 17475-80 for mounting of knives — 4pcs. (ЛР180Т-8 PCs.)
  • Collet 8 (welded);
  • A screw 7 for fixing the length of the rod-extender;
  • Nut 10;
  • Plastic case for knives 11;
  • Key-screwdriver 12;
  • Flat washer 13;
  • Spring washer 14;
  • Fabric cover for cutting cooking;
  • Passport.

Cast telescopic ice ЛР130Т (150T,180 TONS) in working condition

  • Setting knives on LR-130T, ЛР150Т, LR-180 TONS. Take one of the knives 1, set the cutting head pointing the blade towards the ice at the same acute angle of the knife should be directed to the axis of the screw (see picture) and with a key-screwdriver 12 mounting screws 6. The same repeat with the second knife. The incomplete overlap of the groove “A” (see figure) forms the space required for the output chips of ice.When mounting the knives on Bur LR-180 TONS of knives having two cutting edges is attached closer to the center, and the edges fastened knives with one cutting edge and two channels;
  • To take the rotation of the ice-drill and align its axis with the axis of the screw, then exerting a maximum force of hands with the nut-lamb 3;
  • To change the length (height) of the drill in the event of a change in depth of ice drilling you must remove the bolt 7, the movement of the rod-extender to the desired length to combine to match the closest hole and insert the bolt 7 and tighten with a little effort key screwdriver 12. Thus, under the head of the bolt 7 must be two spring washers 14 and 13 are flat (see figure);

How to work with ice screwsTo drill the holes you need to:
— put the drill perpendicular to the ice;
— press the switch on the drill to rotate with uniform speed in a counterclockwise direction.

  • When operating the drill with the ice freezing depth up to 500 mm ejection of the shavings of ice is provided by the screw, the greater the depth of the ice you need without the termination of movement to make any sudden periodic ascents to clean the hole from chips of ice. Failure to comply with this rule i.e. when drilling over 500 mm thick ice in one pass drill may jam. In this case, when releasing jammed in the ice of the ice there are various damage that will not be accepted by the manufacturer to resolve under warranty;
  • At the entrance of the cutting head in water must, stop the rotation and make some sharp back-and-forth movements of the auger ice screws to align the bottom edge of the hole, otherwise, the possibility of jamming of the ice;
  • Attention! At jamming and versanyi screw in the hole, one should not make his release strikes on the auger or its axis, it will lead to deformation (bending) parts of borax, the loss of specified characteristics and the impossibility of further use. To free a jammed in the hole the drill the need to perform the following steps: applying a ice pick, axe carefully remove the ice around and under the screw. Crushing auger or separation of the welding when release the jammed ice screws are not covered by warranty;
  • To prevent the ingress of water into the auger, it is recommended not to plunge the drill into the water below the holes of the telescopic rod. Otherwise, because the freezing point of water possible partial folding of the ice in the transport position;
  • To increase the service life of the rod-extender is recommended to put the extender on a minimum length for providing the desired drilling depth. The effect of drilling ice screws depends on the condition of the blades;
  • To prevent their early wear, you can’t drill the ice with sand content;
  • Sharpening the cutting edges to produce when dullness more than 0.1 mm or install the new (sharpened);
  • To ensure the long working life of the ice screws, after each use ledoburu necessary wiping with a dry cloth, drying until completely dry, lubricate with a thin layer of industrial oils, knives, screws and insertion of the extender;
  • Complete ice a safety case to protect the blade from blunting and exceptions for injury and injury parts of the body;
  • The case must be put on immediately after installation of knives and only be removed before drilling holes. On-site fishing for the prevention of injury to the feet do not leave the drill on the ice in a horizontal position without wearing a protective case;
  • The manufacturer has the right to make product design changes without impairing performance.

Telescopic drill “Tornado-M2”

The benefits of ice screws “Tornado-M”:

  • Convenient folding handle — more compact, reliable, moreover, they are manufactured with high precision under the careful supervision of OTC, in compounds there is no backlash, accurate alignment of the handle with a screw;
  • This storm applied the box-telescopic extension type that allows you to quickly and easily cut through the ice with thickness up to 1.5 m.
  • With adapter adapter for transmitting rotation from the drill or screwdriver will save you your energy that frosty fresh air and so is consumed with a vengeance. The adapter is now not uncommon in shops that sell equipment for fishing them enough.
  • “Tornado-M” improved the usability of handles with a reliable frame made of a mixture of high-strength polymers that allows in extreme cold, experience freezing hands;
  • The screw is made with an increased pitch by 10 %, is also different than the usual classic ice screws, this makes it easier to clean the wells from sludge, facilitates drilling also eliminates wedging in the hole;
  • The cutting head has a geometric difference of the form — the use of bevels on the ends facilitates the process of drilling, to say differently buresi, like clockwork, without sweat and tired;
  • Striking original painting of “chameleon” is a polymeric paint is durable and resistant to abrupt temperature changes;
  • In the completeness of the included case is made of high-strength fabric Oxford 600D. The knives are made from high quality cutting steel of the previous quenching and precise grinding.
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Telescopic picks “Iceberg” (iceberg)

Seamless auger with an increased pitch of the turns of the screw of 150 mm ensures quick release of the wells from the sludge, reduces the effort of drilling and prevents jamming of the screw. Removable head is made from durable composite material, so can withstand heavy loads and ensures a constant cutting angle of the knives.

Radial knives of high quality steel suitable for operation with all types of ice, providing easy drilling. When using telescopic insertion of the extension provided by the application of electro and sensomotoric, in addition to ice screws it’s easy to drill the ice shurupovert if you buy the adapter for his patron.

Inserting the telescopic extender allows using fixed apertures of the extensions to adjust the height of the ice under the ice thickness and growth of the Fisher. Non-slip warm handles will provide maximum comfort while drilling. Reliable polymer coating withstands extreme temperature changes and high mechanical loads.
There is a possibility of installation of electric and gasoline engines.

Iceberg-Euro (Iceberg-Euro) 130(R)-1300

Features fishing drill “Iceberg-Euro 130(R)-1300″

  • Drilling diameter — 130 mm;
  • Drilling depth — up to 1300 mm;
  • The weight of the ice and 3.4 ± 0.2 kg.

The price of the ice “Iceberg” is 3 times lower than the cost of imported counterparts, knives and accessories at reasonable prices.

Adapter for ice screws screwdriver “Iceberg”, “AL-05”
Designed for use battery screw gun for drilling holes ice screws “Iceberg”. The adapter can be used as extension adapter UTA-400, and without it, directly connecting with ice screws. For fixing the adapter uses the flywheel with thread M8. The shank of the adapter is secured in the Chuck of the screwdriver. To operate the adapter with the acceptable screwdriver with voltage of 18V and a maximum torque of not more than 100 Nm.
The specifications of the adapter:

  • The diameter of the hole for locking screw-lamb — 8.5 mm;
  • The diameter of the output shaft adaptor — 22 mm;
  • Product weight — 0.6 kg.

Iceberg-Siberia (Iceberg-Siberia) 130(R)-1600

130 — drilling diameter in mm.
R — rotation to the right, i.e. clockwise.
1600 — drilling depth in mm.
Easy to cope with ice of up to 1600 mm in depth. Weighs at 3.7 ± 0.2 kg.

Iceberg-Arctic (Iceberg-Arctic) 130(R)-1900

For this drill, with its diameter of 130 mm does not need the extension rod, this is the dream of anglers in the Northern regions of Russia. Iceberg-Arctic is made for regions with very cold, frosty winter, where the ice is very deep. When drilling tested a pleasant surprise from trouble-free drilling to depths of 1,900 mm, considering the diameter of 130 mm, and it’s worth it.
The weight of the ice and 4.5 ± 0.2 kg
Length prepared to work the position — 1600 – 2400 mm.
Length in folded position — 1175мм.

Iceberg-Siberia (Iceberg-Siberia) 110(R)-1600

Drilling diameter -110 mm.
Drilling depth — up to 1600 mm.
The weight of the ice and 3.2 ± 0.2 kg.

Iceberg-Mini (Iceberg Mini) 130(R)-850

Drilling dia -130 mm. drilling Depth up to 850 mm. the Weight of the ice and 2.3 + 0.2 kg.
Compact screws are designed for fishing on reservoirs with small thickness of ice and capable of drilling thick ice to 85 cm Length in transport position only 620 mm.

Drill Indigo (Indigo) 130(R)-1600

Two-knife drill Indigo (Indigo) 130(R)-1600 telescopic type another new from the factory “Tonar” located in the capital of the Altai region in Barnaul. The drill is a hybrid of ice screws Iceberg-Siberia and Tornadoes.

In the model visible to the idea of designers aimed at import substitution and the emergence on the world market of plant products intended for fishing. Good quality and acceptable to the consumer’s pocket price borax Indigo in conditions of crisis overlap to a growing demand among anglers.

In legacy of the Tornado drill M2 got the handle lock, it provides good folding and fixation of the handle with no backlash, the rest of the Iceberg-Siberia 130(R)-1600.

The characteristics of the screw and the telescopic lengthening of the insertion you can see in the description ledoburov the iceberg. In addition, the insert has six holes for fixing the height depending on the height of the angler and the thickness of ice on reservoirs. Besides lengthening the telescopic insert has an insulator to prevent freezing of the barrel extension arms to the trunk of the screw.

The removable head is made of a composite material of high strength. Guarantee maintain a constant cutting angle of the knives is provided for the whole period of operation.
The blades of the radial type of resistant to dulling of the cutting steel to provide ease of drilling all types of ice.

  • Drilling diameter — 130 mm;
  • Drilling depth — up to 1600mm;
  • Length in working position — 1600/2100 mm;
  • Length in transport position — 1175мм;
  • The weight of the ice — 3.5 kg;
  • Right rotation!

Classic fishing borax

Two-handed drills

The Boers fishing two-handed differ in the rotation of the drill produce two arms, and the holes are drilled much faster. Have two-handed ice screws in the design of the offset upper arm ice screws 130 mm and the bottom 150 mm.

Screws, Helios


Picks of fishing sports have increased the length of the screw part. Sports drill is good like accelerated drilling at the depth of the ice up to 1100 mm, without removing.

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Titan picks of the Barnaul — have advantages: very light and durable; titanium will not rust; high quality workmanship; reasonable prices. Titanium available in the following versions: standard, drilled to a depth of 1 m; with long spiral auger — ice to 1.175 m; telescopic auger — the ice is up to 1.9 m; with telescopic handle ice up to 1.4 m.

Picks of the Leningrad plant

“Leningrad” screws, or, as it is often called “Petersburg”, produced at the North plant of St. Petersburg (in Soviet times in Leningrad). It’s pretty well known and popular option among fans of winter fishing.

Lsz, picks is a picks of the famous Leningrad Northern plant. Picks from lsz appeared on the market of the USSR and Russia much earlier than “Barnaul”. To that in the European part of Russia accounts for a large part of the population, and hence the fishermen, so in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg fishing borax is widely known and popular not only in Russia but also abroad.

Borax produced by the plant lsz presented in steel and titanium versions with various distinctive features of the design aimed to achieve comfort and productivity in the application depending on the characteristics of ice as well as weight loss. All St. Petersburg ice-axes can be used with the use of drills and shurupoverty through the adapter.

Lsz steel ice screws “Leningrad” Standard

The most common are made of steel standard version which began with the origin of the Leningrad production of the Boers at the factory. Suitable for drilling holes for sports and Amateur fishing. Depending on the number of knives, maybe with three or with two knives. The presence of three knives makes the drill more efficient, reducing wasted drilling time.
Comes with three choices of diameter: 100, 130, 150 mm.

The characteristics of the models

The model designation


Diameter, mm

Screw length, mm

The number of turns on the screw

The number of knives





















Imported borax

Further we will talk about Buri the foreign manufacturers. Recently, it imported the Boers are more popular both among professionals and among Amateurs. The Swedish firm Mora can be called the most popular manufacturer of this product. The first difference of “alien” is the direction of drilling. Among domestic fishing Boers drilling direction anti-clockwise here — on the contrary. At first glance, no it is not an advantage, just a fact, and there is already who they are used to. But in drilling clockwise more involved left hand, and, respectively, right-less tired, which is very important, even in the case where you have to drill a lot of holes. The range of products Mora includes 6 variants, which are distinguishable by the color, the height of the spiral knife diameter drilling (11-20 cm), dimensions. In addition, the drill arm of the Swedish manufacturer are equipped with limiters, which makes them much easier for everyone else.

The disadvantage of the ice-drill Mora is the rapid blunting of the knives in contact with them sand, but to sharpen them, may not succeed. Another noteworthy producer can be called Finnish Rapala. Himself ice screws of this brand, unlike any other, equipped with knives and cutting heads. They can be folded in half or it can only be arm. The main advantage of this option is its nerazborite, integrity on the main tube, allowing you to drill even holes with a slope. It is possible to use interchangeable heads with a different diameter, which would be better suited in a particular situation.

Finally, you can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the Boers of foreign and domestic production, and also to determine what auger for fishing better bores, i.e., better and durable.

  • “Scandinavians” differ markedly high value in contrast to “domestic” fishing Boers.
  • Sharpening knives in foreign models is practically impossible, at that time, among our counterparts — this process will not take much time and effort. However, native knives “foreigners” made of high quality steel which increases their life for many years.
  • Among domestic ice screws often defective, slabstone knives that are not made with termoobrabotannyj or unintended design documentation materials, so do not have the necessary rigidity and strength. In the end, the effectiveness of this drill is reduced in several times, though, and the Scandinavian models of such situations are.
  • A novelty among all the ice screws are motoboy. They are now produced with a gasoline or electric engines. It is difficult to say that such equipment will be more popular than an ordinary manual because now it only appears on the market.

    The material from which picks are made is steel and titanium. Titanium is much more expensive but is lighter and more durable material than steel. And yet, most prefer to steel counterparts, which, although heavier but will last longer and more efficiently without additional sharpening knives.

    Disadvantages of fishing Boers

    Disadvantages Barnaul Boers. Sometimes it manifests a defect, as by loosening the fixing screws of the knives. It is a weakness rather not only Barnaul and all domestic drilling. This happens due to imprecise tooling for drilling and tapping interfacing with knives, planes, drill through excess clearance in the threaded connection.

    When buying you should pay attention to the threaded connection. The screws must be twist tightly without backlash, then Unscrew the screws on the knives will not.

    What to do not to loosened the knives or screws. Even the screws and standard, but the method of selection, you can try to pick them up within laid GOST tolerance to ensure tighter bolts. You can also apply cold welding.

    Assessing the above information, the personal requirements and preferences, each is for himself will determine what the drill for fishing better. But, do not forget that when choosing one option or the other, should be guided by the fact that screws will be your loyal companion on a fishing trip one year, so seriously step up to the quality of the product, its weight, estimated date of operation.

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