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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit and not desire to do in your free time. What is the fishing? Fishing is a state of mind. We, fishermen, considered abnormal, shame, persuade, threaten, and sometimes we even get divorced. But we don’t change. And we, every day more and more. And only God knows what causes us to Wake up in the dark and leg it many miles from home, with unspeakable delight in the shivering morning silence to stare in expectation of a bite in the dark blue water of the lake, where anxiously froze the red tip of the float. Here he barely flinched, casually drawing on the water a pair of wedding rings, and now in response to something excitedly said in your heart, taut string waiting for the miracle, and then a little shook, rose, as if from the past, and then quickly slid to the side, into the water. Here it is – happy moment for which we are ready to enough sleep at night, wet to the bone in the pouring rain, to endure the furious invasion of the mosquito hordes, falls down from exhaustion. to fall into the ravine, and, cursing, to get to go again and go, knowing in advance that way it will never end, because we were born, and can not live otherwise. Because I can’t live without nature, without fishing, without the first rays of the sun, without the purest lake water in which are reflected our tired but happy faces.

A bit of history

The first fishermen were called fishers, as evidenced by ancient literary monuments. When and who caught the first fish – now no one can say, but the monument that the ancient catcher deserves. Because, without knowing it, has given mankind a wonderful, amazing thing – fishing.

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About fish

To understand fish and how to catch fish, you need to know about it as much. And so, the fish lives in water, swims. Although it may crawl and fly. But it is the privilege of certain types of fish. The structure of the body is completely adapted for living in aquatic environment. The fact that water is denser than air and it is not very dispersed, this we know. But the fish in the water can develop such a speed that every race driver would envy.

All fish – streamlined body shape. Breath – Gill. Fish move by using fins. Strongest fin – tail. It adds the fish to move forward. Slide into tight water helps the fish slime which covers the body. If you suddenly decided to release the first of the fish you caught back into the river, be sure to remove it from the hook in the water. In this case, your hand does not injure the fish because the slime on her body would be almost untouched. But once you take a fish in a dry palm – and the memory of this meeting will remain with the fish in the form of burns. And not all of them, even when released, will be able to move in such a friendly human handshake.

Eat all fish in different ways: some collect plankton, and other prey on itself, like someone rummaging in the bottom gravel, looking for the smallest larvae, someone collects insects from the surface of the water. But in any case, most types of fish always stick to the places more than others saturated with oxygen. Oxygen for fish, too – life. Proceeding through the Gill arch, oxygen enriches the blood. You probably haven’t seen as aquarium fish constantly open and close your mouth, then opening, then closing of the Gill cover. Thus, some breathing, bringing fresh water and processed produce. But not all fish are equally demanding of the oxygen content in the water. For example, crucian carp and tench can be in oxygen-depleted water, or even water just in silt, whereas pike-perch in such conditions will not spend five minutes.

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Underwater plants are the main regulator of the oxygen regime. But in the summer plants the whole day isolated in water oxygen in the winter, in the period of decay, they consume oxygen. Moreover, in winter, when the ice shell of nearly six months separates the living water of the rivers with the banks suddenly orphaned when strong ice stranglehold soldered to the spring in the intricately woven roots, hanging over the cliffs of the old pine-trees, the poor fish have quite tight. These so-called Zamora – the last stage of oxygen starvation.

Fish have excellent eyesight and are able to see from under the water, standing on the shore in 10-15 feet of them a man with a fishing rod. Hearing in fish is good too. If our ear perceives sounds with a frequency of from 16 to 13 Hz, then the fish, this range is wider and starts at 5 Hz. However, to hear such fluctuations in allows them to their sideline, which perceives the smallest water vibrations and helps fish to feel the movement of the neighbor in the flock, and the direction of flow of the river and its power, as well as any commotion on the surface. Also “the sixth sense” which helps the fish to accurately move in the murky water without bumping into underwater objects. Just not natural to the aquatic environment generate noise in the water scares the fish and makes her tense up.

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