What is the spinning rod to catch trout?

Trout fishing is a thrilling and exciting pastime, I would say, a very different kind of spin angling, with its own characteristics and approach.

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The first time I managed to catch a trophy in the rivers of the Carpathian mountains, and a few years later to upgrade your catch decent copies. When trout fishing knowledge is an important factor, but almost the whole process depends on the correct choice of gear, which today are not small money. What people appreciate trout fishing? It is likely that extreme sensation when biting and playing this strong fish can’t compare with the resistance of the same perch or pike.

So, as you understand, our review will focus on a special trout stick belonging to an elite fishing-rods – Varivas Area Drive. Why elite? – you will ask. And all simply because the price tag on this item is available not for everyone, but for the Amateur and professional trout fishing. But, in addition, the spinning invested a lot of effort and skill on the part of the manufacturer, designers and designers. Modern technologies and materials are stored in this delicate wand. Some will say that the fishing market too much ultralajtovogo models, sharpened by trout fishing and I will agree with you. But this model has some certain advantages to their “brothers”.

Let’s start with the fact that spinning Varivas Area Drive is available in several variations. This is purely ultralajtovogo stick, which basically is especially used when fishing for pond trout as well as perch and micro pike. To be honest, I’m not a fan of such fishing, but the model Varivas Area Drive ARD-64-T-CT in his hands to hold was able to check on Patriach. The first thing that catches the eye – an elegant and futuristic appearance. In fact, ultralajtovogo sticks often win in the designed approach from the manufacturer. Spinning looks rich, fashionable and modern. Posted the handle is made of EVA material. It is pleasant to the touch and design is conceived in such a way that your hands do not experience discomfort of fatigue after a long time. The reel seat is made qualitatively and with taste. Its futuristic design it is possible to combine with some of the top meat grinder Shimano, Daiwa, etc.

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Surprisingly, on the Internet about this stick is almost not writing anything, many people buy it at your own risk. My acquaintance with her went by accident, but, fortunately, I have the ultralight, which is fully satisfied. Performance this model is quite a good, and also worth noting the presence of a good and durable hardware Fuji KR Titanium. Rings made in such a way to provide even more ease and grace spinning. And actually, they succeeded to do. Thus, we gradually move to the main working characteristics. This model has a weight of 80 grams with a length of 1.93 meters. In principle, this Shorty should no longer weigh. The rod blank consists of 99% high quality carbon fiber.

When folded spinning rod very easy to transport, and for that I liked it, the length is only 1 meter, got on the bus or the car and went fishing. Test of 0.6-3 grams. Spinning Varivas Area Drive are available with two types of tips – Solid and Tubular. I think the bonding is a more promising option when fishing for trout. The tip plays great. System of a spinning bit does not match the description, if you bite a good instance he literally bent in an arc. Model with tubular tip I would advise those who are going to the majority to catch on spoons, turntables and lures weighing up to 2 grams.

Spinning rods trout type should have great sensitivity. I think Varivas Area Drive – dream for fishing on paid ponds and small lakes. If you want to feel every rattling fish through the form, it is easy to rattle the bottom and to feel a neat bite, I think you are on the right track. The tip starts to play even on the minimum scales, but take into account the fact that fishing is only possible in good weather, as soon as the strong wind can assemble a spinning reel and go home. Overloading the rod is not necessary, you have to understand that fighting is not universal, and the delicate wand in need of care.

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With throwing performance is not as fabulous as we would like. This stick can make a throw with one hand without any effort is a big plus. But the casting distance is a weak side of this spinning. As I noted, light sticks, especially with the dough, do not cope well with remote fishing. Trout pond – a small pond, often casting on 25-30 meters will be enough to unburden himself and to indulge in a brisk bites of fish. You do not think the possibility of this stick is not limited to only catching trout, as perch, pike, Chub and other fish can also be caught on the hook.

So if you consider yourself to be quite a successful fisherman, with trout fishing, be sure to pay attention to the spinning Varivas Area Drive. To say that this stick is for everyone, I can’t, purely an Amateur and extreme kind of fishing. But professional anglers who frequent tournaments and competitions, will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses Varivas Area Drive. The wand is not bad, but too mysterious about her, too little is written on the Internet, so I hope this review will help you make the right choice and learn new information.

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