What kind of fishing is better: morning or evening

When discussing this age-old question, the fishermen were divided into two groups. One of them says that the best bite is observed in the morning, others say that there is nothing better than evening fishing. Let’s discuss it in the article.

There is no single answer to the question about efficiency, after all, the determining factor is how active the fish are biting. But each fish has their own taste preferences, habits. And not unimportant factor is the fluctuation of atmospheric pressure and time of day.

Daily activity of the inhabitants of the waters

Let’s look at when some fish are more active. In the morning, mostly active predators, and peaceful fish feeds out only the representatives of the “younger generation”: the little carp, the more, etc.

Closer to the middle of the day Wake up the bream, roach, and part of a predatory fish.

With the onset of evening pores aktiviziruyutsya larger carp, bream with skimmers, perch, and medium size fish.

The question may arise: when the big fish bite? Most fishermen believes that these giants can only be caught at dusk and at night, because the day a good catch will prevent “small things” and medium size fish.

An important circumstance is the fact that at night the representatives of ichthyofauna don’t feel so cramped, so not afraid to move around the pond in search of food.

In conclusion we can say that you can count on a good bite at any time of day, and if you decide to come to the pond, not so much for the catch, and for the rest, it’s not worth the bother on a suitable time of day.

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