What kind of leash is better

All fishing tackle is provided with a leash. Being both a continuation and completion of the main line, it connects it to the lure or hook. Not equipped with a leash tackle anglers call “deaf”. In this title captured a hint of inferiority, inferiority bespozvonochnoe tackle.
The leash is really important, and sometimes mandatory detail. Performing a fuse function, it saves the basic scaffold of the gap in the toe, when playing big and lively fish. Helps to keep the lure from the pike’s teeth and not lose in this coveted trophy. In addition, the leash makes the tackle in the region of the hook and the bait less visible to fish and allows their quick replacement.

Pick up the leash for spinning tackle

When fly fishing in the wiring, fly fishing, floating, etc. the leash is made from fishing line thinner than the main. In these cases, you can go fishing from one fish species to another, producing only a quick replacement of the leash. For example, using fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 mm and a leash with a diameter of 0.10 mm, it is possible to fish will alley afloat. If near was seen sabrefish, replacing the leash, you can almost instantly start fly fishing sabrefish on slowly dipping nozzle. Well, when the nozzle will take IDE or Chub, then you need to set the leash with a diameter of 0.2 mm and equipping it with an additional sinker — bullet, switch to fishing for IDE or Chub in pokidko. Generally the angler, armed with such a versatile tackle like spinning, must have a supply of ready removable collars, this will save precious time and to choose the best leash for spinning.

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When fishing by trolling or live bait in order to save the gear from the attacks of the sharp-toothed predator, install metal leashes of various designs. The simplest of them — single. It is made from stylistas wire thickness of 0.10 — 0.18 mm. This wire is not sbivaetsya and does not break at the bends, but it does not hold knots. Therefore, carbines, clockwork rings or wartlike attached to it with a loop and spiral the outer end of the wire around the leash. the length of the leash must not exceed 15 cm (longer leashes worsen the game spinners and restrict the movement of live bait). If you need a longer leash, it is better to use the compound crank with a leash or a wire or twisted. Twisted metal leads of two, three or even four steel wires too hard and rough. twisted break faster single. leashes made of 7 — 15 very fine steel wires, more suitable. They are soft, sturdy, not twisted and not afraid of kink, but their ends (loops), which represents the maximum load that quickly wear out and break. Therefore, before fishing and after playing big fish, you should carefully examine the leash, and with minimal defects replace it with a new one.

More reliable leads from steel or Kevlar woven from tungsten wires are covered with a special high-strength nylon or silicone. They are soft, not twisted and not break easily, but for catching small predator they rough — worsen the game light lures and baits. So people usually use them when fly fishing large and medium-sized pike and Zander. When fishing for Chub in the upper layers of water or other occasions when pike bite is almost impossible, it is better not to use it.

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