When you start catching carp (hybrid) in the spring?

Carp refers to truly undemanding fish in terms of habitat. He lives in ponds and lakes, and rivers. There are two types: Golden and silver crucian carp. Feels great in standing water and in running. The largest specimens caught weigh about 4 pounds. Average weight can be considered weight about 700 grams. When is best to catch carp in the spring?

Catching starts with the moment the water warms up to about +10. Every body of water, this occurs at different times. For example, in a pond where there are springs, the water warms up much earlier than in the river. Approximately in the beginning of may you can start.

Best time for carp fishing in the spring

The best time for fishing is the period before spawning. As directly during the time he does not feed, and the fisherman can only watch on the shore for going to the pack of fish. Basically, the carp spawning occurs in may – June. It all depends on where is the reservoir and how fast the water warms up. The spawning period can last for quite a long time. Under unfavourable conditions, can move for a week or more. But, if you are lucky enough to catch him before mass, at the expense of caviar will be much higher.

After waiting for the completion of spawning, it is possible to re-start catching, but initially the weight will be much lower. Often found a hybrid of gold and silver. Their crossing is due to the fact that the eggs of the same species get milk the other, because the time of both species is approximately the same. In favourable, stable weather, mating season can pass quite quickly and EN masse.

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The most successful and productive time of fishing in the early spring, is considered the month of April. To choose for fishing it is not deep, for example, the Bay with many other inhabitants. Vegetation plays a significant role in the choice of venue. For example, algae or reeds must be present. But should pay attention to the fact that the carp will not adhere to those places where the vegetation peeping out of the water. Most likely, such a plot, you can catch a variety of white fish.

Bait and tackle on spring carp

Taken carp at the bottom, very carefully. Therefore, you should choose a sensitive float, otherwise you can miss the bite. In addition, fish is very timid. You need to keep disguise. The spring bite is quite inconspicuous. Wait for the full immersion of the float in the water, should not be. A slight movement of the float in different directions, then more confident, but still neat line, should be a signal to the need for undercuts. Without decisive action, can’t catch it. Frequent breakdowns can pretty Pat nerves. But, you can adapt to everything.

With him, every good fisherman needs to have a set of lures, mostly crank. Experienced fishing enthusiasts, warn selectivity and moodiness carp. In one place he loves the bloodworms, the other prefers the dough. And in the third give him worms. So Arsenal must be impressive and varied. If not take one, you need to try to catch another.

Of course, such activity as the summer can not wait, but the lure is still needed. Worms and bloodworms are used in powdered form for mixture, mixing with the earth. On the market there are many kinds of lures, so the choice is great.

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Popular tackle, course fishing rod, the length of which is about 4 meters, float easy. Fishing line a little more than 0.2 mm, and the coil head with the stock. To be sure, we must not forget the faithful friend – the landing net, which will help to handle large fish.

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