Why you should not let go of the caught fish?

Not all people go fishing in order to feed themselves catch. These fishermen not so much. But a lot of those who come to fish, to enjoy the experience of fishing and the state of the soul, when it is possible to outsmart the fish and remove it from the water. It is believed that fishing is like poetry…

However, many fishermen do not take the caught fish with you. There are cranks who are ready to release and rather large rubeho, itself the fact that they can’t use their superiority “reasonable person” against defenseless fishes. For them, the important thing is not the result, but the process is important!

Actually, got to let go of the fish, not worth it. And the point here is not that according to legends, she can talk underwater fish monks about how he got the hook and warn of the danger. The kindness of the fisherman is fraught with danger for the remission of captured fish. Scientists from the United States found that this fish is doomed to starvation. They lambasted the fans to “do good”, pointing out that it turns into unintentional evil.

It turns out that once in the mouth fish, an additional hole made by the hook, the process of nutrition becomes her problem. The fish begins to starve, loses strength and dies of starvation or falls prey to more powerful predatory fish. It is proved by the observations of the researchers carried out repeatedly.

If we talk about humanity in this respect, it would be wise to use a catch on purpose — to cook and eat!

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