Winter fishing for carp

Most anglers believes that carp in the winter is not powered. It is a common misconception, because in the spring, we clearly observed a well-nourished and fattened fish. It continues to feed throughout the winter period, but in smaller quantities. In summer, daily consumption of food can amount to several pounds, but winter is estimated in grams. In winter, the fish feeds on only those that I could find under the ice. In our case, these are bloodworms, and various gastropods. This fishing is practised in Germany and England, in connection with the mildness of winters these countries. But in our country as practice has shown, this fishing is also possible.

The work of our carp can be seen dangling on the line, because often, fishermen use fishing line, thickness of which does not exceed 0,15 mm When the water in the reservoir reaches 10 degrees, the carp going on the so-called hot spots. These are the places they have chosen for the warm time of the day. The reason could be a continuous availability of food.

Such places can only be found by experimental means, but finding it, be sure that you will catch not a single fish. If you are using sonar you can fairly quickly determine the location of the fish. Another way may be to monitor their movement in late autumn, as during this period they choose a place for wintering. Note the location of the vegetation. The abundance of water lilies and algae also attract carp.

You can catch it in the afternoon or in the evening if the temperature is kept for several days. Thaw with no sediment, is considered to be the most suitable time for carp fishing. Don’t forget that bad weather you see “over” the water, and the fish see only the weather that is happening “under water”. The diameter of the fishing line in winter time to reach 0.3 mm. But is recommended to catch all in the period of the thaw. The float also plays a small role. In the winter it is more convenient to use the tablets that go in the water, is clearly visible.

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The bite is expressed rather weakly, only a slight movement of the float throughout the hole. You need to hook in at a time when it was noticed the first movement. The darkening of the hole will also bring no small benefit, but you should make sure that the dimmer is not tightly turned into solid ice. For dimmer good old x-ray film and dark disposable Cup. Due to the low metabolism during the winter, carp feel hunger much rarer. The diameter of the nozzles will be smaller.

The Joker is very popular and smaller fish. If you don’t want to feed the small fish, use larger nozzles (bread, worms, corn). In cold water, it is better to use a bait with a high content of protein. The bait should be kept to a minimum as saturation in this period, it comes very quickly. The message of breadcrumbs, feed them for a few days. With purchased bait, refuse and persistent odors. They scare off the fish.

Night fishing carp also has a number of important nuances. For starters, provide yourself with a tent zipper. A summer tent is easily remade by sewing around the perimeter of the bottom of the snake. So the now-popular “fireflies”, have neutral buoyancy at the same time, without compromising sensitivity by direct attachment to a fishing line. The candle is perfect for light source. In fact, besides the light it emits exactly the required heat. For such fishing, it is recommended to get company of several people. Alcohol is better not to use. Fishing for carp can continue all year round, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions.

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