Winter fishing in the Moscow region

It’s hard to argue that fishing is one of the most popular and exciting activities in the world. No wonder, probably, as soon as a fine day is issued, regardless of the season, on the banks of the reservoirs you can meet a huge number of people with fishing rods and other tackle. Fishing is not just the process of catching fish. Fishing is always excitement, competition. This is not to mention how pleasant it can be to show off a particularly good catch to fellow fishermen and family.

Among all this, winter fishing in the Moscow region stands out. As you know, it is worth starting this activity only for those who really feel “at ease” on summer fishing. Fishing is often more effective in winter, but there are some nuances that must be taken into account when heading to a river or lake in cold weather.

If you do not want to pay money for such a pleasure as winter fishing in the suburbs, you can go somewhere in the outback and fish for free. However, paid fishing has its advantages that are worth mentioning.

First of all, this lack of risk of wasting time and returning home empty-handed. Depending on what kind of fish you want to catch, it is worth choosing the place where you will fish. As a rule, several species of fish are immediately launched into water bodies, which peck most actively in a certain season. Such fishing is ideal for beginner fishermen who still do not know how to independently identify good places for fishing.

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It is quite possible to come to places of paid fishing with the whole family. As a rule, such places are arranged in such a way that everyone can find something to their liking. At a minimum, admire the wonderful landscapes or sit in a cozy gazebo. Perhaps even a snack.

Paid ice fishing in the Moscow region – overview of reservoirs

We have already figured out what exactly is so good about winter fishing in the Moscow region. Now all that remains is to talk about where it is best to go in search of a good catch.

FishermanWe will start, perhaps, from the north of the Moscow region. First of all, this is one of the tributaries of the Dubna River – the Valya River. Roach, crucian carp, perch and bleak can be found in the dammed areas of this river. And sometimes even small carp or pike.

The Uchi reservoir is located in the valleys of the Uchi and Vyaz rivers. It is home to bream, crucian carp, pike perch, pike, roach. However, the bite is unstable here and fishing is limited.

In the western region, the Mozhaisk reservoir can be distinguished. In the cold season, fishing on the Mozhaisk reservoir can bring ruff, pike perch, roach, perch and even pike.

Narskie ponds are located not far from the village of Asakovo. Here, carp and large rotan join the above species.

Trout is found in large quantities in the fish farm Rakovo.

Fisherman with an ice screwFishing is also very popular in the Moscow region in the Medvezhye Lakes region. There are a large number of perches, crucians and pikes. An eel was also launched at them, but it is extremely difficult to catch it.

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And, finally, a large number of rivers flow into the Istra reservoir. The banks of the reservoir are very indented, but many different fish are found here: perch, bream, silver bream, ide, tench, silver carp and pike.

Where to go on a paid fishing trip in the vicinity of Moscow in winter with accommodation in houses on the map:

Every year, winter fishing is gaining more and more fans. Paid fishing in the Moscow region.  That's cool!  Winter fishing.

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