Winter suit for fishing – rating of the best

Fishing in the cold season requires comfortable and warm clothing, otherwise being on the pond will be uncomfortable at best, and at worst will lead to serious illness. A special suit, designed for fishing in winter, should protect a person from cold, wind, precipitation and at the same time be lightweight, not hinder movement. We are talking about a fishing suit, not a grandfather’s sheepskin coat and quilted pants, in which you feel like a ground astronaut. High-top pants to protect the bottom and a hooded jacket are the best choices. It is important that they are warm enough. If you have to wear a bunch of clothes under them, then this is far from the most successful option.

It should be understood that the main task of winter clothing for fishing is to maintain the optimal temperature regime. The temperature should be constant, as deviation in any direction, be it cold or overheating, is dangerous to health. For example, in calm weather at an air temperature of -3 degrees, and even with two sets of thermal underwear under a suit, the angler will sweat a lot. No breathable fabric can escape the fumes. We’ll have to unbutton the top and risk catching a cold. Therefore, when choosing clothes, first of all, it is necessary to consider in what conditions the fishing will take place, and in what weather.

Suit selection criteria

For a winter fishing suit to really help in cold weather, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • Jacket length… This parameter is critical. It is advisable to find a middle ground here, since in a jacket that is too short, the wind will blow from below, and a long one hinders movement. Models with the so-called anatomical cut are considered a good option: the front is shorter, the back is longer. The optimal length of the sleeves is to the middle of the palm. When gloves need to be removed, long sleeves without rubber bands protect hands from frost and wind.
  • Jacket and trousersCollar (hood)… On windy winter days, a high collar is simply indispensable. It is even better if, in addition to it, there is a convenient detachable hood with Velcro fasteners. But the presence of a visor is completely optional. Today some manufacturers of winter fishing clothes attach visors to their hoods, but their functionality is practically zero.
  • Pockets… Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter fishing, the fisherman is always full of various little things, so there should be pockets in the upper part of the jacket in which you can put all this “good”. In the lower side pockets, you can warm your hands from time to time, and store bait boxes in the inner ones. Whether pants pockets are needed, every angler decides for himself.
  • Seams… The most reliable are welded seams made with a heat seal machine, but they negatively affect the “breathing” properties of fishing clothes. An alternative is stitched and taped seams. Suits in which the seams are held by glue alone are not worth taking. In general, when buying the quality of the seams, you need to pay special attention.
  • Colour… From under the ice, the fish does not see the fisherman, so there is no need to disguise as snow in white clothes. It is better if it is bright so that colleagues, if necessary, can quickly come to the rescue. Ice fishing is full of dangers.
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Before you buy a winter suit for fishing, you should pay attention to the materials of manufacture.

Popular Ice Fishing Suit Materials

Different materials are used to make winter fishing suits, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look.

Winter fishing jacket

Polartec – a name that includes a whole series of materials designed to provide comfort to extreme people. This is exactly what winter anglers are. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, Polartec is very popular among the fishing community. It is soft like cotton and at the same time keeps warm as well as wool. Clothes made from this fabric are very practical. It is lightweight, durable, dries quickly after getting wet, when overheated, it removes condensation well, convenient, easy to clean and visually attractive.

Now about the cons. Of the significant ones, only one can be distinguished – it passes water. Of course, if the winter is frosty, the probability of getting caught in the rain will be minimal. But just in case, before going on a fishing trip, you should look at the forecasts of weather forecasters.

Taslan – an innovative synthetic fabric that meets all modern requirements. The basis of the material is polyamide fibers. The porous coating on the inner side protects from cold and removes fumes, while the outer impregnation is a reliable barrier against moisture and dirt. Taslan is strong and incredibly light; one square meter weighs only 180 g. Strength and increased wear resistance is provided by the rep weaving of the fibers, while a small scar on the surface is almost not felt. A favorable microclimate is created under clothes made of this material. You need to take care of her in compliance with some rules. Namely:

  • only liquid detergents are suitable for washing;
  • it is forbidden to use bleaches and similar active substances (does not tolerate dry cleaning);
  • requires a delicate spin;
  • cannot be ironed with a hot iron.

Perhaps, special care is the only drawback of taslan.

Windblock – three-layer fabric, in clothes from which neither cold nor wind, nor snow and rain are afraid. The inner fleece side keeps you warm, soft and pleasant to the touch. Smooth outer layer made of synthetic polyester fabric. Between them there is a membrane film that repels water and removes evaporation outside. Another advantage of the windblock is its lightness and elasticity. A thing made of such material is convenient, comfortable, ergonomic, perfect for fishing in cold weather.


When buying clothes made from this fabric, it is important to pay attention to the top layer. It must be smooth, otherwise the angler will face such a problem as snow adhesion.

Membrane fabric – can be two-layer, two-layer with a knitted lining and three-layer. This innovative material protects well from cold and precipitation, and when overheated, it provides a feeling of comfort and dryness. It is lightweight, resistant to mechanical damage, does not require any special care. It is used for sewing workwear, including for fishing.

The disadvantages of membrane fabrics include their high cost, as well as the possibility of clogging of the porous fabric due to improper use.

Clothing made from these materials is widely used by anglers. Which one to give preference to, everyone decides for himself. It is not worth saving on the purchase, a cheap product may turn out to be a low-quality fake. And you should definitely try on a suit, since size tables from manufacturers can play a cruel joke. If you buy clothes without trying them on, so to speak, by eye, then it turns out that they are small or a little too big and you need to wear something else under them. A fishing suit must be suitable for the person’s size, accurately follow the curves of the body and at the same time not interfere with movement.

Rating of the best winter suits for fishing – TOP 5

According to the reviews of sports fishermen, the rating of the best winter suits for fishing is:

Rapala Nordic Ice

Rapala PW Nordic Ice – an excellent offer for winter fishermen from a Finnish company that occupies a leading position in the fishing market. The set includes a jacket and overalls in which you can fish at temperatures down to -30 degrees. Underneath the top nylon layer, made with the latest “heat trap” technology, there is breathable synthetic insulation for comfort in all weather conditions. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps, the jumpsuit is easy to fit, and the Velcro fasteners at the bottom prevent moisture and cold from getting under the clothes. The jacket has a high collar, a hood, convenient pockets for storing fishing accessories with waterproof flaps. All zippers are covered with protective strips. Rapala PW Nordic Ice is suitable for people of all ages and sizes. Such equipment creates a sense of security and safety even in the most extreme conditions.

Winter overalls Daiva

Daiwa DW-1305R – winter suit for fishing made of membrane fabric with holofiber insulation. Set: semi-overalls – additional warming jacket – outer jacket. The classic bib has a high bib and back. The presence of zippers on the legs allows you to combine it with wide winter shoes. The elongated outer jacket covers the torso to the thigh, effectively keeping you warm. Thanks to its special cut, it can be used without an inner jacket if necessary. The hood is voluminous, adjustable, it can even be fitted under a natural hat with earflaps. The sleeves are equipped with waterproof cuffs. The DW-1305R has been designed for fishermen in the Nordic countries and is a versatile suit that can be used to practice any type of ice fishing at temperatures down to -35 degrees. Its cost cannot be called democratic, but it justifies itself on a snowy, blown from all sides reservoir.

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NorfinNorfin Arctic Red – a membrane suit that has all the characteristics necessary for fishing in the winter. Operated at low temperatures down to -25 degrees. The material is thermally insulating, water-repellent and breathable. The upper layer is a membrane fabric, the lower layer is a modern synthetic insulation made of polyester microfibers. The semi-overalls have adjustable straps, a retainer in the belt area, pockets with flaps, additional gaiters for protection from snow. Reinforced on the knees and in the seat area. Jacket with a hood (depth adjustable), elongated cuffs and convenient outer and inner pockets. There are life saver mounts and reflective stripes. In general, the specialists of the Japanese company YKK have foreseen everything.

Fishing from ice

Ryobi RF – a special winter suit for hunting and fishing, designed for extreme conditions (from 0 to -40 degrees). The material combines a membrane fabric on the outside with a 3-layer, synthetic down insulation on the inside. Does not blow out, does not get wet, retains heat well and removes body vapors. Another significant plus of this suit is its low weight. Putting it on makes you feel like wearing a T-shirt. A storm collar, a deep fleece-lined hood, pockets, cuffs, waist cuffs, zip and Velcro straps… it’s all there too. The suit has already been tested by our anglers and has collected a lot of positive feedback. He proved that he was not afraid of the Russian frosts.

Winter outfit

Graff warmguard – a worthy response to Japanese manufacturers from the Poles. The suit can withstand frosts down to -50 degrees! In addition, this special outfit, which blew up the fishing world, uses the “float” technology. It is made from a laminated fabric with a microporous vapor-permeable membrane (1.4 billion pores in each square centimeter of material). At the same time, the fabric does not allow moisture and cold outside, creating a favorable microclimate inside. The sleeves of the jacket are reinforced with more durable material, the lower part and the waist are adjustable, there is a hood with face protection and many convenient pockets. Pants with wide suspenders, knees covered with waterproof pads, the lower part is adjustable. Both jacket and trousers are filled with Float foam insulation. Many winter fishing enthusiasts deservedly call this costume one of the best.

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