Woodcock chick transfer confirmed

Archibald THORBURN illustration

Archibald THORBURN illustration

The path ran through the forest, moved along the old, but clear from the rubble forest road.

In the middle of the forest, along the way, glades occasionally came across.

Driving into another glade, they saw a woodcock fluttering out from under the wheel, which flew no more than three meters and sat down.

Immediately stopped the car, deciding that they will now find a woodcock nest.

At the same time they knew that the scientific group "Woodcock" always asks to record such finds and report them.

Carefully got out of the car and carefully began to inspect the soil. Almost immediately noticed a woodcock chick, already large enough, he tried to escape.

Stopped, fearing to crush other chicks, but no one else was found. While looking out for the terrain in the hope of finding a brood, they lost sight of the first chick he saw, who, no doubt, was hiding.

We decided to examine the place where, after takeoff, an adult bird sat down.

They came to the intended place, and no more than a meter away, the hunters saw a flying woodcock, which was held in the paws of a chick, obviously not the one that they saw running among the grass.

Woodcock with a chick in its paws flew no more than five meters and sank into a dense shrub. They didn’t disturb the family, started a karakat and drove on.

This event took place on May 27 around 4 pm on the territory of the Kineshma District of the Ivanovo Region.

Sergey Buslaev
                     July 23, 2019 at 06:03

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