Worms — the best delicacy for any fish

Even with the children, many people remember that one of the most popular, and almost always running lures is the most common worm, which caught almost every freshwater fish. But not all people are familiar with the varieties of worms, where they should look for, and what kind of fish can you catch on a bait. Then try to figure it out.

So, let’s start:

The most common nozzle are earthworms. To dig up good worms to live by:

  • the size of the hook;
  • the size of the alleged object of fishing;
  • characteristics of the reservoir.

Quite often anglers are wrong, hanging on a hook too small for the worm, and thus, the result is opposite to the expected. Instead of trying to lure the fish, they scare her unnatural-looking nozzle. Don’t forget about the one trick experienced fishers: that the bite was effective, dig worms as close to the water, right on the water. The fact that the local soil is similar to water odor, and attract more fish.

Manure worms

They are the best bait, live in moist manure, vegetable compost, organic matter in the residues, and even in straw. To worms longer remain active, they are best transported by placing in a tin or wooden box. Capacity you need to fill the usual arthropod habitat.

Stick to the dung worm on the stinger hook should be starting with thickened (head) part of it, passing again towards the end of the body. Thus, the bait looks more natural and be more active. But for the draught of captured specimens on the hook hang several worms, puncture their bodies through the center. For a small fish is quite enough for a small piece of bait. Keep your organic the lure close to the source of water, preferably in a shady spot so you will be able longer to keep them from drying out.

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Another form of organic matter, which can be bought in fishing shops is Californian worm. From the dung it is distinguished by the name and habitat. This representative of the arthropods detachment is valued by farmers for their vermicompost, produced in the process of life. They say that this product is a good fertilizer.

“Californian” little more than a dung worm, and smells very specific. He really attracts the attention of fish. Solid worm to hang on a hook to catch a big fish, but for small things it is enough for his half.

Sell Californian worms penopropilena already Packed in boxes. So it lasts longer when transporting over long distances, which is very convenient.

The Nightcrawlers

This very large worm lives usually in the deep soil layers. It appears on the surface of the earth warm rainy days. Nightcrawlers looking for the characteristic burrows, which they do, creeping into the surface layers of the soil. Catch heroes need a night, just try to move silently. The Nightcrawlers out of their holes do not appear fully, and at the slightest noise, they immediately hide in the earth layers.

Large worms are kept in small canvas bags, filled with slightly moist soil. If they are transported in a closed container, they will quickly suffocate from lack of oxygen. Interestingly, many fishermen watered the ground surface, in which there are worms, meat broth.

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