Zherlitsa A-elita is visible from afar

Imitation fish A-elita won the sympathy of many fans of this type of hunting predatory fish. Imitation fish company “Apiko-fish” in recent years, were able to appreciate the thousands of fans of catching of predators tackle this. Lightweight and compact set of six Gerlich does not occupy much space in the equipment of the angler and placed in the box along with other gear. Platform imitation fish allows it to be installed in all weather conditions, obscuring the hole and allowing to fill it with a layer of snow for protection from freezing. Visible from afar, the box helps to control gear and the time to run sweeper catches live bait for pike or walleye. These imitation fish is very convenient not only for fishing for large predators, but also to catch bersha and perch for a more subtle snap with a single hook.

For example, in the Volga reservoirs such tooling is used for catching these predators not only on the small bait fish, but frozen pilchards. Motoviltse imitation fish, unlike the coil, drops the line completely without resistance, so even the most cautious predator, taking in the mouth of a bait fish does not feel the slightest catch. The only downside noted in the imitation fish anglers, is a small height of the stand with a flag that makes sometimes difficult the control over the tackle on a heavily snow-covered pond.

The designers of imitation fish have solved this problem by making a special spacer, which can be used to raise the front standard of the imitation fish is much higher. And if you use two spacers, the check box will rise even higher, but this operation is needed only if the ice meter drifts. The spacer is coming to the platform instead of the usual stands and is between the bar and the platform. The angle of inclination of the spacer is designed so that fishing line when you install the imitation fish passes exactly through the center of the platform, and on the performance of tackle this part does not affect, but burning the flag is visible at a great distance.

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Connections on both ends of the spacers allow you to quickly assemble and disassemble the gear and the set of Gerlich is the same compact. Additional spacers and stoppers expanded the possibility zherlits when fishing in deep snow and especially in “tough” areas of the reservoirs. The height of imitation fish even with one spacer almost doubled, and with two spacers “burning” checkbox imitation fish visible from afar with a very thick snow cover.

Another detail that added to the design of the imitation fish — stopper-stopper. It is a small device that makes a work of imitation fish more reliable and enhances its capabilities. Primarily because assembled with shims, the mechanical strength of the design of the imitation fish is reduced: with lengthening the strut increases the lever acting on the base at the connection with the platform. Therefore, the use of the stopper when extending the stand is absolutely essential. Stopper tied to the line on the distance of the sinker, which requires the angler. When the line is unwound to a stop, he bumps into the platform, and now the strut will not feel any pressure even when the powerful jerks of fish.

For example, if the angler will tie a limiter 10 metres from the sinkers, the predator will be able to unwind only the 10 m motoviltse, then the limiter rests on the platform. In addition, this simple adaptation gives the opportunity to limit the discharge of the fishing line if fishing is conducted in cluttered places, like near reeds or snags. You can leave just a few metres away for a free turn zasekhaya fish that it was unable to reach the underwater obstacles and firmly to confuse the tackle. At the same time, the restrictor prevents the fishing line wound on motoviltse imitation fish in the collection of gear and reset the line after the bite.

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Two new elements in the design of the imitation fish significantly expand opportunities for anglers and make fishing tackle this even more interesting and successful. The stopper does not prevent the reset of the line with motoviltse at poklevke a predator. Thanks to the stopper eliminates the pressure on the bar when you bite and jerks spotted fish.

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