A few words about maquette

One of the most efficient gear is maksatic. This simple design has gained the trust of many fishermen-carpatica due to the simple design and high performance gear.

What is maksatic

It’s the kind of fishing tackle. With its help, at the selected point in the reservoir is delivered to the cake, with hooks and sinker.

It is believed that this device was invented in China. During Soviet times, our anglers have tried the cake and was surprised by the good performance that showed the tackle. Thus began the triumphant way of mamasadykov, moreover, that their production did not require any financial or physical costs. To make it easy, because the basic elements are just a special sinker, elastic, thread, a few leashes and hooks.

As you might guess from the name, the bait stands cake – pressed cake remaining after pressing of oil seeds. This vegetable bait itself is very lightweight, so the role of the weighting acts as a major anchor. As a rule, such gear is used a few hooks.

Before fishing from a preform cut into small (4-5 cm at the edges and 2-3 cm high) squares. In the process of slicing are sometimes surplus stock – you can use them for bait fish. If the cake is very solid, it is cut with a hacksaw for metal, a jigsaw, or a special knife.

When you purchase a meal pay attention to its quality. If the material is overdue, it will have a smell of rancid sunflower oil. Fish, this fragrance is not like that so they will not respond to the bait. Recently in free sale already collected sets of gear – mamasadykov, but experienced fishermen prefer to do their own.

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The principle of operation of Maksatikha

Everything is quite simple! In contact with the pomace in water, it dissolves, simultaneously alluring fish its attractive smell. Carp suck the bait with a hook hidden inside, and when you try to break free and swim away is samopoznanie.

Types of maculation

According to the method of fixation there are two types of gear:

  • having a sliding mount;
  • deaf classical model.

Maquette classic

To make a tackle, we need:

  • a piece of cake;
  • a strip of lead;
  • a few carp hooks (the number depends on size of cake);
  • the snippet twine-plaiting;
  • ring winding;
  • stationery gum (they bandage the banknote).

First step is to prepare leashes with hooks. The optimal cut length of fishing line-braided line should be about ten centimeters. If a piece of your cake, approximately 4-5 cm, take four of the leash, if the box is smaller then the hooks will be fewer.

For the size of cake cut lead basis. With one of its ends drill hole (no drill, you can do cobbler’s awl), then we start back the ring to which you will need to tie the main fishing line with hooks.

Next step: leashes are put next to the plate. Close to the ring end of the meal is fixed with a rubber band. Side are output and then are fixed on the front two short leash. In the back of the cake also need to fix the rubber band. All four edges of the cake using a drill or needle of bore holes for hooks. The tackle is assembled and ready to use.

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Collect maksatic with a sliding snap-in

This type of gear has many different options because of the large diversity of goods and ways to fix the cake. Here is one of them.

You will need:

  • Sinker with hole.
  • Makuha.
  • Stoppers made of silicone.
  • Braided fishing line (a small piece). From it are made leashes.
  • Wire pin.
  • Swivel with a carabiner.
  • Special models of hooks for catching carp.
  • Sliding sinker is put on the main line. Its weight is chosen depending on the test rod, the weather on the day of fishing, and characteristics of the reservoir. Lower weights in the area of the clamping units are placed silicone stops. From one end of the cord is tied to the swivel with a carabiner, which then attaches a loop of tough, durable fishing line.

    In square meal, you need to make a hole through which subsequently starts leashes with the main thread. All this sazalee to the carabiner. Splinter the hole in the cake and to the top of the cotter pin of the tie line. Now we will only attach on the sides of the cake hooks.

    The selection of gear for fishing maculation

    Option snap carp maculation quite heavy, so casting, you will need a sturdy rod. Quite suitable for feeder and carp rod, it is possible to use a spinning-crocodile. The line you need to choose thick and durable in the range from 0.3 mm thick. The coil needs to be special carp, is equipped with a bait runner.

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