About me

I want to tell you about myself – how about the author of this blog.

About the author: let me introduce myself – my name is Daniel K. Sweat.
This boy was the most common thing. Not a single sporting success, either in school or in the institute, was never achieved. He began to attend many things in his life — a tourism club, a gym, guitar lessons, and even a chess club. But he quickly became uninteresting and more than a couple of months did not devote to each of his hobbies. And in the sporting plan, achievements in general looked very pitiable. Speaking about the author, so he even catch up once was not a real task.

That was my childhood and adolescence. Parents always tried to arrange me in various sports sections. Even the episode of visiting the pool pops up in my memory. But unfortunately, all this was not for long. After graduating from university, I received a “sit-down” specialty and went to work in offices.

That I, 35 years old leading a passive way of life, had no one before my eyes, who could become an example for price increase (I mean my relatives and friends, among whom only an uncle living for thirty-three lands in the thirtieth kingdom) was among the athletes how to begin these steps? Therefore, I decided to try the first one that came to mind, speaking of the author, the way to go on the path of a healthy lifestyle is running. Already now, in view of the small gained experience, looking back at that time, I understand that I was making a very risky act, going out for a run in such a trapped state of body and spirit.