About setting jig when assembling the winter gear

A significant part of the winter yet to come, and hopefully with it we’ll still have a successful day fishing. I must say that among the fishermen there is a clear separation according to the method of fishing. As in summer, when, of course, types of fishing much more in the winter, many spetsializiruyutsya only on one thing. Most often it is either a standard spinner or jig. I myself though sometimes podavlivaya lure, but the lure for me is still out of competition. Without a doubt, this is the most common tackle for ice fishing in all countries. Of course, we are talking about those countries where there is ice. Why the jig became popular around the world? Primarily because of its simplicity. For this she appreciated. What could be simpler hollow or filled with the hook? Probably only the hook. But it is virtually impossible to sink to the bottom, and even more so to build any kind of game.

Many anglers are attracted to an incredible drive that you feel when playing a fish, because between you and the prey is only a fishing line, and very thin. The result of the struggle depends on your skills and quality of gear, which certainly adds to the impressions of sharpness. In General, winter fishing with mormyshka is very dynamic. You know exactly the moment it bites and can begin to act as soon as you see her. In fact, from the time of the attack fish to hooking are fractions of a second. There is nothing supernatural in mormyshkas tackle no. Part of it is simple: the lure, fishing line, a nod, and winter rod (meaning rod for winter fishing). While its components every self-respecting angler chooses their own, based on personal preferences.

Of course, you can take the easy way out and buy a rod Assembly, but I would caution against this approach. Something similar to the working tackle me in the sale do not ever see, still all had to change. And as you know, it is better to do something from scratch than to remodel. And, in my opinion, is the right approach. Our tackle everything is important, lures, fishing line and a nod it is necessary to choose correctly.

It is about the correct self-Assembly of tackle, I want to tell. The main element mormyshkas tackle is undoubtedly the bait. There are plenty to choose. On the shelves you can find a variety of jig — from the banal “world” of simulations to a variety of insect larvae. With all the richness of choice for the average fishing, I recommend a “drop”, it is the most versatile.

The main purpose of the jig — quick flow nozzle to the desired depth. Another task it has to solve, is to attract the fish due to the animation. This helps form the bait. Classification of jigs includes basic parameters. Chief among them, no doubt, is the size. The minimum that you can find in stores is 2 mm. But the athletes can see the bait is smaller, but on the Amateur fishing they are not needed. A kind of standard jigs are 3-4 mm thick, but in some circumstances are required and much larger, for example, when fishing on a strong current, you may need 10-12 mm.

Jigs vary in color. Most often silver, copper and gold. As a rule, the galvanic coating. However, by and large, the color of jigs you can make almost any, if to use paint. This coating is called “daubing”. There is another important parameter that indicate not all manufacturers, namely weight. It depends on the material from which made the body of the jig. Most heavy lure made of tungsten, or rather its alloys in which the content of the “title” of the metal can vary. This explains the fact that “tungsten” jig of the same size have different weights. Cheap and easy bait is manufactured from an alloy of lead and tin.

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Serious anglers often prefer tungsten jig. There are two ways of production. With mass production, the technology of metal-powder metallurgy, i.e. in the forms of laying the powder of tungsten, and the high pressure powder turns in the jig. According to this technology the body of the jig attach to any given shape. The price of these baits is kept within acceptable. The majority of the Russian manufacturers bought the tungsten body of the jig in Chinese factories, but the soldering of the hook and color are already in our country. Making of jigs tungsten rods of different diameters, a more sophisticated way, considering how much is solid metal. This method is hard to achieve a variety of forms, as a rule, they are made in the form of a sphere or drop.

To made body solder hook. On the right models, this is done through special holes. Such lures at a certain skill, the hook can be resoldering. However, some jigs it is soldered directly to the body with remaining on the outside of the ring, for which the lure is attached to fishing line. In this case, the usually used small fly hooks.

Not the last role in ulovistost bait is the quality of the hook. It depends on him — you will catch fish or it will break during a fight. Often, in order to save manufacturers use hooks of poor quality. Before purchase it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the hook. Good efficiency depends not only on the quality of the hook, but also on its size. And he has largely depends on the type of fish you catch. For a good little hook, and another, on the contrary, can not do without a big. The optimal size is usually experimentally.

There are two ways to fish a jig. Most anglers prefer the so-called “stanchion”, not playing bait. She most of the time resting on the bottom. In this case, the shape of the lure does not matter, the first role leaves the nozzle. That she might be interested in approaching fish. Jig need more as sinkers to a delivery nozzle at the desired depth. For biting, undoubtedly, will influence the size of the lure and partly the color. Many anglers use two jigs: the lower, the so-called cargo, and the upper, which are much smaller, and it pecks cautious fish. Sometimes used instead of the second fly.

But for the way that I catch, namely the game, the shape of the lure is of great importance, as they depend on additional oscillations of the lure. To create the body attach additional depressions, or flats, or originally made jig asymmetric shape. This allows the bait while playing a nod to make certain movements in the water. The more flat body, the more it will oscillate. Naturally, no fisherman, or rather, without his game, and properly configured gear, nothing happens. Everything matters. In gear should be in harmony of three elements — the lure, fishing line and a nod. What does it mean? Each element affects the other. You need to give the jig the variations that you want. And of course, you need to feel the bait.

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This can be achieved in the following way. First, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the line and size of jig. It is impossible to tie a small lure to thick monofilament. Each line has a certain buoyancy that simply will not allow the jig to sink or make the process so long that fishing will not be fun. And the more depth of fishing, the longer it will take the bait.

Although winter fishing is rarely used fishing line thicker ∅0,15-0,16 mm, it will be difficult too small jig size 2.5 mm fast sink to the bottom at a depth of 4-5 m. of Course, if you catch significantly larger jigs, such a problem is unlikely to arise. But the number of bites dramatically reduced. Because not every fish can be palatable to a large bait. And even if the bite happens, the trophy may not asecsa. That’s why we need balance. It is necessary to select, proceeding from the depths of fishing, the presence of flow, the type and weight of potential trophies.

For fans it is quite suitable fishing line 0.12 mm and jigs with size from 2.5 mm to 4 mm. for Those who are just starting to enjoy winter fishing, will be sufficient to have 5-6 rods with baits of different sizes, designed for specific depths. Experienced anglers, especially athletes, have in their Arsenal dozens of rods with jigs of different sizes and colors, these winter collections are configured rods are often duplicated two or three times, for a quick change when cliffs. Another important factor is the correct position of the nod gimbal specific jig. It is necessary not only for visibility for the fish to bite, but for the necessary transfer of vibrations to the lure from the hand to the correct game. This is achieved or adjustable in length, fitting or mechanical methods.

You can find quite a large assortment of nods. Basically, there are nods of metal and plastic. They are mostly In the form of a thin plate, but there are in the form of a twisted spring. Athletes use plastic only nods. They are the easiest are adjusted to the weight of the jig, to do this, they are easy to handle with sandpaper. This can be done in the following ways. You can initially cut nods from material of the required thickness, and then make holes in them under the line, but you can sandpaper to whittle down the thicker to the desired size.

For each jig needs a nod. To check their balance, a bait hung to the front hole. Nod while bent at a certain angle. This time individual. The best position for nod believe bend at an angle of 45°. While other athletes have an opinion on this. But to each his own, there are anglers departing from these rules and overload the nod to a greater extent or nedogruza him, as for many years experience of fishing, I have the experience and are accustomed to their settings nod.

I believe that the overloaded condition of the nod allows you to catch the gear in a strong wind. Conversely, if underused as he will flinch at the slightest gust of wind. It will certainly make fisherman is unnecessary to respond to false alarms nod. The length of the nod affects the amplitude and frequency of play. And it is in short, the more you will be able to create small vibrations in unit time. It need not always. For example, for catching of white fish smooth game, what is it used for longer nods.

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In sport fishing nods are used with a length of from 20 to 80 mm. This is due to the complexity of the work due to external factors. Many anglers often get to see this metal nods, which are much easier to use. They bend under load is governed by the degree of extension steel springs from the bracket. That is why they have quite a large range of applications.

One of the downsides of this nod — he’s virtually impossible high frequency game need when fishing bass, but for angling — roach and bream it’s perfect. Another frequently used by the fishermen nod is a silicone tube with a missed through her line. The quality of the game mormyshkas nod so as not to transfer, but the bite will be seen. Such products can be useful for fixed gear, which, of course, it limits the ability of the Fisher. There are nods from the coil spring, but for fishing on mormyshka they are used rarely, although certain game to pass the jig they can.

The last component to tackle is the fishing rod. Not to say that is the most important part, but it also much depends. The simplest is “filly”. I almost never use it, but many fans they meet. The main advantages — simplicity and low weight. Of the minuses — the inconvenience of winding the fishing line, and thus fine adjustment of the descent. Most of these fishing rods are used by those who are caught on stand-up tackle with a fairly thick fishing line.

For catching the game much easier “balalaika”. Of their species a huge amount. I find these rods and I think they are perfect. Sales are a very good model, and frankly bad. The main disadvantage of many products is bad rotation of the spool on which fishing line is wound. Ideally, it should spin without tension even from a light touch. Many anglers catch rods with an open reel. I think they are heavy and not very comfortable.

Russian fishermen are not made use of reels for fish playing. We vivarium, intercepting the fishing line with your hands. But with overseas colleagues ubiquitous gear with high-speed coils. I tried to catch this rod and I can say that for playing big fish, it fits very well, but for small is not very convenient, as the process is very slow. In addition, because of the length of the rod is just smooth and wide swings which are attractive only for large fish. And in the cold to use American rods is problematic because of the mechanical parts that freeze up, especially when getting water on them.

But those who are caught in the tent, especially bream, I would recommend to look at this gear. Not only that, on this rod you can bring almost any fish, so you’re never going to tangle the line, which often happens when fishing in a tent with a large depth. Unfortunately or fortunately, the development of jigs as tackle practically does not occur. To achieve this method of fishing the best results possible, only using the best rods and equipment, as well as mastering the technique of fishing.

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