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Some fishermen claim that if you do not use activators for the fish, and the fishing is nothing to do, you can sit at home and do not look for adventure. But the vast majority said that to use such tricks on fishing this was a bad idea and is not done for pleasure and for profit.

Just to say only one thing, both sides are right, just each in different ways. One thing I have to say, activators biting is not a divorce, they work, but in different ways. Each should pick up right bait and bait. Let’s talk more about this and pay attention to the most popular activators.

The contents

  • What triggers the bite
    • Properties
    • Side effects
    • The principle of operation
  • Top 5 best activators bite
    • Activator biting FishHungry
    • Trigger Fish bite XXL
    • Activator biting Dry Blooder
    • Activator fish Double Fish
    • Activator bite Dynamite Effect
  • Activators of biting a divorce or not?
  • Reviews of fishermen
  • Buy online

What triggers the bite

So what are the activators and how they work in water? Let’s talk about it. In place of fishing thrown a piece of bait (volume agreed with the statement that is present in each package). After getting bait to the bottom starts its action. The main objective of the activators fish — attracting fish from all around the reservoir in place of fishing.

Amino acids, fats and other attractants, which are part of the activators are dissolved in water and forms a spot on the bottom in the fishing spot. It is a stain on the bottom causes the fish to look for food, and awakens her appetite, and in addition to the baited hook her to eat nothing.

The bite does not have to wait long. If you plan to fish in the pond over, the smell will gradually spread throughout the waters, so should the lure a bit upstream. As for winter fishing, then even better — the laws of physics has not been canceled. In cold water and scent attractive to fish pollutants spread much faster.


Activators bite designed to attract fish and awakening her appetite. On them and pay attention. Some substances can perform only one function, their effect will be small.

  • The fish just fit in place of fishing, but the bite will not;
  • The fish will bite everyone except you;

This situation is not for everybody, so it’s best to look for substances that have both properties simultaneously. It’s about these we will discuss below, in our rating. But about all under the order.

Side effects

Side effects from the use of activators is not so important, but they should pay attention. If attentively to read the instructions (and so does most of our people), it is possible to overdo it with the dosage, therefore, you will saturate the fish to bite, it will not.

There is a chance of scaring fish, but if you buy the activator nibble on the official website, this will not happen. You can chase the low price and purchase expired or counterfeit poor quality product, then the effect will be small. If it ever will be.

The principle of operation

The principle of action of activator the bite is extremely simple, and consists of two stages:

  • Luring fish to the fishing spot;
  • Awakening her hunger;
  • Just to lure the fish to the point of fishing is small, it is necessary to make to bite. And do it all with one team even more difficult. Therefore, scientists for many years, empirically selected the combination of the components of the activator biting and achieved the desired result.

    Top 5 best activators bite

    The best activators of biting — those that fully satisfy the needs of the angler. And everyone has different needs — some like to catch predatory fish, and some prefer to walk with the float rod in search of carp. Therefore, to make any generalized rating of activators biting would be a bad idea.

    We decided to choose only the most popular activators bite and consider each of them in detail, and of course to leave a review from the editorial staff of the website (I was fishing with all that is described below the baits) and to acquaint you with the reviews of fishermen.

    Today, under our sight were the 4 most popular triggers of the biting, it FishHungry (which is also called hungry fish), spray activator XXL Fish, Double Fish and bait Dynamite sensational Effect. I think everyone has heard about them and want to know the whole truth.

    Again I say that all the activators in the rating I have personally tested and they work. Only you need to choose for them a bait, and the bait to use under certain conditions.

    Activator biting FishHungry

    FishHungry (fish Hungry or hungry fish) is one of the best selling fishing goods. ‘ve heard of him practically all anglers, but most have left negative reviews. And only a small part of understand how to apply and responds positively.

    This pattern leads many fishermen to wonder about FishHungry divorce or not. Will tell you immediately: no. People don’t know how to use a hammer also shouting that it is bad, but is silent about the fact that their hands are curves. I hope all understand what I’m getting at.

    With the right approach, observance of instructions for use, the activator biting FishHungry works exactly as promised by the manufacturers.

    Description of the activator

    FishHungry is considered the most reliable, most popular and widely used among other activators of fish. Some say that this is very much affected by advertising. But if you advertise some other nonsense, then actively use it, no one will.

    Versatility FishHungry makes us think of many fishermen. After all, as one part activator biting can equally well involve a peaceful and predatory fish, and even regardless of the time of year (it works equally well for summer fishing and winter). And the composition is laid out in detail, outdoor bag lure can be stored for a long time and it will not go bad.

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    Official website selling activator nibble fish FishHungry calls his product one of the most significant breakthroughs in the field of fishing and science. After reviewing the information, you can see that it has the following properties:

    • Working at a very great distance, attracting fish from all of the reservoir to the selected destination;
    • The fish abruptly awakens the appetite and stored for a long time. And most of all it affects the larger specimens, which will continuously feed in the place of fishing.
    • Equally effective in summer, winter, autumn and spring fishing. And also allows you to increase the fish catch in marine and freshwater fishing.


    In order to buy the activator biting FishHungry only need to fill out the simple fields in the form that appears by clicking on the link. Just enter your phone number and name, and then wait for the call operator (they call within 10 minutes).

    To fill in the questionnaire

    Price activator biting FishHungry reaches about 1300 rubles, but not for our site visitors. When you click on the link that we have provided an activator for the bite will only cost 990 rubles (or 359 UAH) per pack, which is 3 sachets. Please note that the genuine product is Packed in packs of 3 sachets. Delivery of the activator is carried out in most of the major countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.
    Trigger Fish bite XXL

    Fish XXL is the second most popular, but not effective. These activators bite known to all fishermen as one of the best winter activators. But it is better than running in the spring, summer and autumn.

    Changes from June 16: added latest activator biting Fish XXL for summer fishing. You can order by clicking here.

    But not the essence, it is really working the bait. Take the classic bait for carp fishing (cake + flour) and add to the portion of the spray (number of taps in the bottle is determined by the mass of prepared mixture). Ready, now you will not go home empty handed.

    You can also handle the bait with the spray activator. By the way, very useful when carp fishing. I often sprinkle boilies this composition. Best of all it manifests itself with a combination of the smell of fried chicken and plums.


    Trigger Fish bite XXL is not inferior to that described above. On the contrary, he wins in some circumstances. Its advantage is consistency — the activator is made in the form of a spray. It is very convenient to handle them with lures and bait before casting into the water.

    Write a personal opinion: treated with Fish XXL semolina, dressed on a hook, as a result, caught three times as much for my colleagues (they caught about 5 kg per). The carp in my catch was slightly larger.


    The properties of this bait is no different from the previous one, by the way we were rating, selecting all its members so that they possessed two of the most important indicators. And Activator of biting Fish XXL is no exception.

    Its properties are as follows:

  • First, he lures the fish from all the waters of the reservoir to the place of fishing, and creates a cloud of attractant that holds her there;
  • In addition, as the fish smell activator she develops the feeling of hunger and she begins to actively search for food.
  • Buy

    To by Activator biting Fish XXL is quite simple, it is only necessary to make to appropriate fields of the form with your name and phone number. Then wait for the call operator, which will happen in the next 15 minutes.

    To fill in the questionnaire

    The price of Fish XXL is about 1980 roubles for residents of Russia (for the fishermen of the Ukraine it is the hryvnia, 763). But we respect our readers and we love to delight them with gifts. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to buy the activator biting at a discount of 53%. You will have to pay just 990 rubles (359 USD).
    Activator biting Dry Blooder

    Activator biting Dry Blooder is a new and effective activator, which was attended by European scientists and fishermen from all countries of the CIS. The fishermen gave advice about the preferences of fish of different species, and scientists have tried to synthesize substances that could cause the fish to become more active.

    Thanks to the collaboration of researchers managed to create a truly effective tool, which is able to provide a huge catch. The combination of pheromones and albumin (this is dried blood) has led to a complex of substances that enhance the action of each other.

    Description Dry Blooder

    The action of the activator Dry Blooder based on the interaction of dry blood and pheromones. The combination of such components triggers the fish’s hunger, which she is unable to control themselves. The only outcome for the fish to eat the bait on your hook. Main effective means of activator:

  • Dry the blood, known as albumin. This substance is derived from a natural animal blood in a natural way. Everyone knows that protein is the most easily digestible substance in the human body, fish and animals. The composition of albumin is included 95% of the protein (protein). Simple and effective food — here’s what you need fish.
  • Synthesized pheromoneswhich begin to cause the fish’s sense of hunger. Thanks to the influence of substances fish can’t control the hunger alone. She begins to actively move towards the place where the pheromone was in the water and finds your bait.
  • Properties Dry Blooder

    Activator biting Dry Blooder lures the fish to the fishery due to the effect of her special combination of pheromones and albumin. After fertilizing the egg, after 10-20 minutes, a hungry fish starts to swim up to your bait. Now the main task of the fisherman is only in the timely hooking and playing a fish.

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    The most effective components of the activator the bite is aromatic enzymes of plasma of the fish. And these components are very different from their counterparts. They smell just instantly spread throughout the pond and makes the fish bite.

    Dry the blood Dry Blooder made in the form of a powdery mass, which can effortlessly domeshivat to bait or to add to the nozzles. On winter fishing it is best to handle the activator Dry Blooder the very bait that after her dip in the water created an attractive spot smell.

    The Advantages Of Dry Blooder

    • undoubtedly works for fishing in summer and winter;
    • includes only natural, concentrated pheromones, and dried blood;
    • albumin works great when fishing on the river and lake;
    • attracts fish with a huge area of the reservoir;
    • activator the bite is universal and equally well attracts predatory and peaceful fish.

    Works best dry blood Dry Blooder to attract carnivorous fish the following species: carp, crucian carp, tench, roach. If to talk about the predator, it excels when fishing for catfish, pike, Zander, Chub, perch and ruff.

    Buy Dry Blooder
    In order to buy the activator biting Dry Blooder in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia or Kazakhstan you just need to fill out a simple application form on the official website which is below. And then wait for the call Manager to update the data about the delivery.

    To fill in the questionnaire

    Video review of the activator biting the dry blood

    I think it would be better 1 time to see than 100 times to read. Offer you a video in which the angler with years of experience talks about the properties of this activator biting and how to apply it correctly in order to catch many large fish.

    Activator fish Double Fish

    Activator fish Double Fish equally well-known in fishing circles, the truth is not so familiar form. This is from a set for fishing. Buying it you will receive the parcel in which the bait is the attractant and special compound for the treatment bait. Quite an interesting approach to fishing, isn’t it?

    Very handy thing, as I often have to catch a predator (and there bait is not used), processing only Wobbler, silicone baits or trolling. Here is the manifest advantages of Double Fish in the first place is efficiency.

    Once we put this mixture in a spoon, and took a second exactly the same, with Double Fish was not used. So on the treated bait poklevok was not. And if the same scheme of the experiment with silicone baits, the result was reverse — pecking only on treated bait. So it is always worth checking out, combine and experiment.


    Many customers write reviews on the use of this bait. It was tested in different water bodies: rivers, canals, lakes, bays, seas, and even in different seasons winter and summer. She worked on hurrah, the main thing is to observe the proportions in the preparation.

    All this is stated on the lapel of the packaging, there is painted clearly when, how and where to handle lure or bait, add bait this activator is cool. With its application novice user, who then does not want to reveal the experienced fishermen the secret of successful fishing.


    The composition of the activator, which is completely identical to the natural pheromone fish released from them during life. Give her the instinct to eat. Everything happens at the physiological level and the fish swims to the lured place even from the farthest parts of the water, and then Jaro starts to grab the bait.


    The buying process is very simple: it is necessary to click on the link that is provided below this paragraph, and then fill in the order form (indicate name and phone number in the appropriate fields) and wait for a call operator to obtain the address of delivery.

    To fill in the questionnaire

    To by activator fish Double Fish available for the citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The price is 2950 rubles and 848 UAH, respectively. But again, we’re giving you the gift in the form of discounts by clicking on our link you will receive a fishing kit for only 1390 399 rubles or hryvnia.
    Activator bite Dynamite Effect

    Sensational bait, about this activator is heard every angler. Some say that the fish pecked at the bait treated him just as stunned. Interesting is the fact that it attracts a peaceful and predatory fish.

    Repeatedly noticed that pike is starting to be very eager to grab lures that poured Dynamite Effect. Even after spawning feeding period of such activity of the predator was observed. And white fish is pretty good response to it.


    Activator dynamite biting effect is produced only in liquid form. This is 5 bags (made of foil), small size, and each of them filled with the composition. The volume of each sachet is 5 ml So that one fishing need only half a packet.

    Again focuses your attention on the fact that Dynamite effect made only in the form of liquid. Beware of imitations and order goods by mail only to the official sites.


    Active biting fish in any weather in any body of water is provided by the effect on the instincts of the fish at the physiological level. When dissolved in water activator is secreting the pheromones, and the fish instinctively begins to actively absorb their source.


    Here, too, everything is simple: click on the link below, complete the corresponding fields of the form and expecting the consultant to Refine the data for delivery, which is carried out in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

    To fill in the questionnaire

    Delivery is by courier service directly to your house. This process takes 1 to 10 working days and is completely free. The price of one pack (5 vials of liquid activator nibble) is only 1450 rubles.
    Activators of biting a divorce or not?

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    I declare unequivocally: the activators biting Fishhungry, XXL Fish, Double Fish and Dynamite Effect is not a Scam and they work great. We are a reputable resource that is visited by a lot of readers and among them there is a good share of permanent. We don’t allow ourselves to write about that did not check on their own experience.

    This also applies to this article, all 4 of the activator has been tested by me personally, and a couple of my friends. The effect of them mixed and they will show themselves in a positive way only when the correct combination of all components.

    Successful fishing depends on many variables. Therefore, those who think will buy the activator and you can catch a fish on a stick with a rusty hook wrong. The above-described bait only help strengthen the fish.

    And the main task of the fisherman and remains the right choice of technique and tactics of fishing, the selection of gear and choice fishing. So everyone who bought the activator bite, but it does not work. Then they immediately go on fishing forums and websites, describing its malfunction. I can only say one thing: it’s in you, not in the bait.

    Combine the right gear, select a fishing spot, guided by the generally accepted rules, go to the fishing process seriously. And only after that add in your bait and the bait bought mix. Believe me, the effect will not keep itself waiting.

    Reviews of fishermen
    Michael, 34, Minsk

    Very long ago I bought the activator FishHungry and decided to write a real review. But today was the day. From the moment I first experienced it in terms backlava, I don’t go on the water without packet of lures in his fishing box. He did not once rescued me and active fish, and when fish flatly refused to take any bait.
    Valentin, 47 years old, Moscow

    Gave my wife the fisherman’s day package activator Dynamite Effect, I was delighted, as often noticed the advertisement in the Internet. Thought it a good idea to take him fishing. Came to the pond and did everything as described in the instructions. But no miracle happened. I caught exactly the same as the rest of the fishermen, a couple of pounds brought home.
    Eugene, age 19, Kiev

    My father is an avid fishermen, I tried different activators for the fish, but pleased with only two, it FishHungry and Double Fish. Despite all the criticisms from my friends, they say it is water and nothing substantial in it, I decided to go against the crowd and bought a few packages of activator. Now, I loved to look at the unhappy faces of those haters who said it wouldn’t work.
    Vladimir, 26 years old, Saint Petersburg

    I am an avid spinner, so I was attracted by the feature activator biting Fish XXL have a positive impact on biting predatory fish. Long did not think, immediately ordered it. Waited and imagined how they catch a lot of fish. So, fish with its use I really shot, so you can leave your positive feedback and to tell with confidence: activators of bite work.

    Sergey, 22 years old, Novosibirsk

    We gathered with friends on a fishing trip and I decided to beat everyone. Without telling anyone I bought a package of the activator and put it in your box. On arrival at the pond read the instructions and did everything well for her. Lure the fish and threw the fishing rod waiting for the fish to bite. So, fish that day caught everyone except me. So I have these pheromones do not believe.
    Cyril, 27 years old, Yekaterinburg

    The citizens of this city know that to catch fish in our waters is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible, but not if you have a Double Fish. With this thing we caught the largest bream among all fishermen. Truth be told, that she on big fish works particularly hard
    Albina, 39, Nizhny Novgorod

    Just noticed that I was the only girl leaving a real review. Well, okay. Fishing with her husband and I could not understand why he always catches more than me, and then I saw he holding some kind of vial, as it turned out it was a Dynamite Effect. Now we catch a lot of fish together. But before that I certainly was offended by him and did not speak for several days.
    Vitaly, 33 years old, Vinnitsa

    Long searched where to buy the activator biting fish Hungry in Ukraine. But finally found the truth at first, I thought, spent the money in vain, our carp did not respond to the “Hungry fish”. But then I tried to use it for pike and was surprised — really works./box]
    Andrew, 41 years, Kazan

    Did not notice the difference between the catch before applying the activator and then. I will say this: disappointed, though probably it was me. Because friends are constantly using activators of biting, and all say that a positive effect on the bite.
    Buy online

    Draw your attention to the fact that you should buy only those activators bite, which you’ll be 100% sure. And this quality can only be obtained on the official sites of the manufacturers, links to which we have provided below.

  • FishHungry (official website:
  • FishXXl(official website:
  • Double Fish (official website:
  • Dynamite Effect (official:
  • Dry Blooder (official website:
  • Soon will come the cold and will need activators fish for winter fishing. This is not a problem for visitors to our website, the official suppliers of activators for ice fishing:

  • Winter Dry activator Blooder you can buy HERE.
  • Hungry Fish for winter fishing HERE.
  • Fish XXL for fishing from the ice can be purchased HERE.
  • Now a lot of fakes and resales stitched products so that anyone can buy low-quality goods. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging when you purchase and use the bait exclusively according to the instructions.

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