Advice to fishermen on carp

Fishing knowledge is a great power, and indeed in all endeavors. Here we give tips 68 of the fisherman, which will certainly lead to a good catch. You captured carp.

1. Set yourself realistic goals
Each person receives positive emotions from successful anglers is not an exception. Set yourself goals that are at a sufficient manifestation of efforts can be achieved. Try not to set too high goals, then to not be upset by failures. Don’t try to compete with other fishers, whose experience and time for fishing is much greater. The positive impact and step by step getting the results certainly will give you a longer and more enjoyable experience in fishing and will allow you to go to success with great enthusiasm.

2. Preparation first of all
When planning a fishing try to think about all the possible accidents that may be waiting for you on the fishing. You must make sure that you’ve done all the necessary preparations in case of their occurrence. For example, do not limit yourself to only the bottom snap-ins, because the fish may be in the water column, and may be on the surface in search of warmth. Also, make sure that you have suitable clothing and footwear that will provide you with comfort during fishing. If you will feel comfortable enough, you will not be able to fish to the maximum of their capabilities. Yandex.Direct Indispensable for the fisherman and hunter!

3. The correct location is the key to victory
You can’t catch fish where it is not visible. Observe the surface of the water, especially at dawn and at sunset. A few small bright boilies in the bait in a place where you see the carp are a great option to start fishing.

4. Preparation is vital
Make sure before fishing you have prepared all the tooling, there is a set of necessary lures, your hooks sharpened. Thanks to this you can most effectively spend time fishing, especially in cases when you find the fish, otherwise you would have had to prepare and the fish could get away.

5. Look better
Even if, in order to find a good place will need to pass through a kilometer. Carp clearly visible at the water surface, if you look at the pond down

6. Be observant
Be prepared to climb a tree or mountain (where possible and don’t forget polarized glasses), with the height of the water can easily see the silhouettes of carp at the water surface. Follow the weather forecast. Watch atmospheric pressure. If it falls or the wind changes direction is a sign to re-examine the surface in this point the carp may issue their Parking lot.

7. Planning is vital
You will spend the least time on the beach, if you plan in advance the sequence of your actions, the number of rods, the types of snap-ins used bait and lures.

8. You’re not a horse
Take ashore only essential gear, you’ll be much more mobile. All secondary it is better to leave in the car, this eliminates the biggest problems when changing locations and will soon begin fishing.

9. More time to hunt fish
One hour fishing in the right place is better than 48 hours in a place where there is no fish. Spend more time in search of fish. It is easiest to look at the water from above, to look for bursts and just basking at the surface of the specimens. The pond with carp on Yandex maps (scheme + satellite)

10. Modern technology can help you
In order to get to remote ponds, use Google maps or Yandex’. You will be able to build the full path from the main road to the pond along the paths, to measure the distance. The card can be printed and used during the trip.

11. Without water and not pull the fish from the pond
Drinking water is not always enough, so before fishing is not stingy, and stock up on bottles of water for future use. 12. Charging your phone Follow the charging of your phone. When leaving for distant waters can happen force majeure: illness, accident and others are not the most expected and desirable situation. In such situations, you really need a phone. In any phone, you can disable unnecessary waste of battery power (screen brightness, Internet connections, search for wi-fi hotspots, satellite). Biting carp and many other fish that are prone to correlation with the phases of the moon

13. Weather forecast and lunar calendar
Make sure of fine weather will not change in rainy while you will be fishing. The easiest way to do this by viewing the weather forecast. It is also useful to observe the phase of the moon and atmospheric pressure. Lunar calendar usually says about the activity of the fish. And the barometer (a device for measuring atmospheric pressure) will show a decrease or increase in pressure, which negatively affect biting and predict changes in the weather.

14. Making a few inquiries
Learn more about the reservoir in which you are going to catch. Perhaps on its territory there are regulations that prohibit catching certain types of fishing gear, some bait or the adjusted number of allowed hooks in your snap. Also helpful to read reviews and tips to anglers who have fished there, and to make certain conclusions.

15. Fishing is fun
Of course, fishing is finding and catching fish, but it is also a great activity for a day off work, fun with friends and family. Don’t forget to have fun and don’t turn fishing into work. 16. Share your experience on the Internet with anglers Share their experiences, share their experience and other anglers will share their ideas with you.

17. Faith
You can buy the best gear for carp fishing, but if you are unsure of your abilities, you don’t have enough knowledge, for the most part, gear and tackle will be a waste of time. Carpfishing require you to have confidence in their abilities and a positive attitude. You should have some initial knowledge to start catching carp. Remember, nothing happens immediately. Experience comes with time and you certainly will succeed!

18. “There are no fish…”
Check everything you say anglers, everything you read on the Internet. You might say that in one of the ponds with no fish, or it is, but it does not bite. The probability is high that the carp just have not found approach, try it, you might achieve completely different result.

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19. You are outside the law?
Make sure you are fishing in places where fishing is allowed. Otherwise, you must have a license. It is better not to violate the rules of fishing, as ponds, lakes and rivers with carp, quite a lot. Moreover, you still will not get the full enjoyment from fishing in constant expectation of staff supervision.

20. Sharp and reliable hooks
Use only high quality hooks that don’t straighten up when you strike a big fish. Hardened steel is our option. Always use a sharp hook, if you notice that the hook is blunt – replace immediately! Even new hooks, only taken out of the bag can be quite mild. Should be tested each hook separately. And used long hooks to replace.

21. Don’t skimp on the line
Quality line will allow you to provide decent resistance to your opponent for fishing carp. In fishing for carp as the main fishing line using monofilament, and the leash flurocarbon. Remember the first and the second type of scaffold must withstand a net load at break of at least 20% more weight potential prey. In the water the fish can make a very strong jerks and even if it weighs 5 kg fishing line that can withstand 5 kg of weight of fish – in this case will break. Attach the hook to the PVA-bag a variety of ways

22. The variability of attaching boilies and hook to the grid PVA
Variants of fastening the hook to the grid, PVA can be a very large number. But the vast majority of cases, the hook is closely linked with one or two handle (note that boilies are not impaled on the hook, but only linked by a number). Carp sucks baits, and with them the hook.

23. Keep it simple
The more complex your set, the more likely it is that something will go wrong. Use simple tackle and achieve success much more likely.

24. Marker float
Use a marker float to locate pits or equal clearings, where the most likely to be carp. Besides a marker float is a great way to measure the depth as the intended place of fishing, and places where you have already achieved the result. Pop-up Boyle is much more noticeable on the bottom

25. PVA-bags and pop-up boilies
Use pop-up baits in conjunction with the snap-on the basis of PVA bags. When the bag will fall to the bottom, dissolve all soluble sleep on the bottom – baits your hook will rise above all the clearing of about half an inch. This will make your snap-in is much more visible and attractive to carp. Tip: before you try this tackle fishing – test it at home in the aquarium or in a basin of water.

26. A consistent change in snap
If the carp aren’t biting – don’t change the entire gear at once. Be consistent and start with one of the snap-in. Because, otherwise, changing multiple items of gear, you never know that largely influenced the result. Back Lead (Back of Lid) imbedded the leader (thick cut fishing line) and carp is not afraid of your gear

27. Patapievici line with Back Lead’and
Patapievici your line with a quick-release rear sinkers (Back Lead’a), which is located on the shock-leader and freely slides to the rubber beads, not to fly on the main line.

28. Moisten the knot before tightening
Be sure to moisten the knot before tightening. This will make it the most durable, the fishing line becomes more elastic and is not deformed.

29. The subtlety of the line and no fraud
Don’t use too rough tackle when fishing for small carp. Remember, the thinner and shallower the snap, the higher the probability of a bite. Lures and bait

30. Invest in what matters
Of course, quality reels, rods and bite alarms will never have the same level of impact on the success of fishing as qualitatively matched the bait that the fish really wants to eat with a great desire. Some anglers believe that the fish aren’t biting due to the insufficient high cost of coils or rods. This is not so. Well-chosen lures — without a doubt, the most important aspect of fishing and will have the greatest impact on the number and size of your catch. Tip: do not skimp on buying quality lures. The money will be spent absolutely not for nothing. Even when the end of the fishing day you have nothing – you lure the place an attractive bait. It will definitely affect future fishing trips. It is a good investment in this fishery.

31. Don’t be like all
Be creative. Carp is a creature of habit, in certain reservoirs it could how to get used to any bait, the diet and to opt for something that is more popular with anglers in another pond. Use lures of different shapes and colors, add flavors (both liquid and in powder form). It will greatly increase the chances of a biting finicky carp.

32. Proper use of bait is more important than its quality
High quality bait can greatly maximize your chances of catching carp, but how you apply the bait is much more important. Many young and inexperienced anglers based on only one bait, considering its quality and the most attractive. Thus overlook the details – the nature of the bottom, carp activity, depth of fishing, the weather, the current. We’ll talk more about the details of the application of different baits under different conditions of fishing.

33. Choice of bait
Bait is very important. We won’t advertise any brands. But resolve to do it to you if you write about your experience fishing on certain boilies and other carp baits. The fact remains. By really attractive lure will not pass even the most well-fed carp. This is verified even in very complex lakes. The worm is a good bait for carp in cold water

34. Spring and autumn animal baits please
Bloodworms, aquatic snails, worms, grubs, crustaceans, and various large insects – all animals are baits which are much more popular with carp in spring, autumn and winter. Carp in cold water it prefers to feed on animal organisms, since they have a lot of protein.

35. PVA-bags
PVA pouch is a great way of carp fishing directly near the point of bait. The essence of the snap-ins that in a bag of PVA mesh boilie is pushed or other large bait, then the pouch is closed. It is attached to a fishing line. The hook on the leash is pierced in the bag. After getting into the water and reaching the bottom of the bag gets wet and dissolves, the bait covers the bottom and your hook with bait in the center of the “table”.

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36. Canned corn – our all
Canned corn has long been considered a classic bait in Russia, but as it turned out, it is actively used when fishing for carp around the world. Stick corn can both singly and in 2-3 pieces.

37. Cooking caring for the health of the carp
Some ingredients require careful heat treatment. For example legumes (beans or peas) can cause big problems with digestion in carp due to the swelling of grains in the stomach, in the end it can lead to death. So beans, peas, nuts should be thoroughly steamed before use as bait.

38. Don’t forget to salt the bait!
Slightly salted your bait, you make it more attractive to carp because he likes the taste of salt. Of course, do not overdo it and do not salt all of the lure. But salty Boyle you have to be. Dips is attractant to give Boyle smell. Dip bait just before casting.

39. Aromatization bait
Fishermen are recommended to use bottles with attractants to flavor of your boilie. This will give more attraction to your bait in comparison with other components of the bait on the bottom. It is possible to aromatize and PVA mesh with bait, but make sure the attractant is oil-based, and not water, otherwise PVA-bag dissolves before you send it into the water.

40. Soak the boilies in the water
Soak boilies and other baits which have bright color and odor within 1-2 days. This saves them from the excessive brightness of color and will give a softer smell. It is desirable to use the water from the pond where you want to catch carp.

41. Oil pellets and granules
In the cold season (spring, autumn, winter) it is impractical to use oil pellets and granules in the role of bait. The oil solidifies and becomes much less attractive.

42. Quality > quantity
Using a small amount of a good boilie is much more effective than the use of a large number of less appetizing baits. The higher palatability of your baits the more carp you will catch.

43. Make up your own bait
Make your own boilies or any other type of lures, which will include your actually invented ingredients. Maybe the carp will reward your enthusiasm with a quick bite. Fishing technique

44. Be mobile
Try not to stick to techniques “will catch here in this place”. Our tip: never go fishing with a pre-planned navigation route and finding places. In most cases, fish will be where you were not expecting, so be sure to try new places. So you gain much more experience in catching carp. Feed the places where there are carp, and carp do not wait for the bait to where it is not. In addition, if you see a legitimate reason for change of a place change the disposition of not thinking, and you will be sure that the fish is much easier to find constantly moving.

45. Works – do not touch!
It is difficult to understand anglers who change the bait, even after the most incredible catches. From year to year we see anglers who almost emptied the lake using just one type, make, model of the lure. And then, next year, decide to change the lure for another, sometimes, even close is not similar to last catchability option. If the carp liked one of the draws, he willingly eats her as bait, bite on your snap – in is a sign that the bait is working and the carp it that much, so why change it? No need to change (unless of course you have no evidence that the bait loses its power). Some anglers say that baits “burned out” and nibble on the bait became over time much weaker, in fact it is easily explained by the fact that the fish have changed their habits, tendencies or behavior (but it has not ceased to love this bait!).

Try to change your tactics, using the same bait, and you will find that your results will improve. The fish are not as smart to over time start to fear any type of lures. Carp in a certain pond likes the bait, it feels the smell of the bait and if he feels that is what he likes – he will definitely eat it. Very flavoured/coloured baits the internal nutrient content of low quality, significantly less preferred. To such bait carp can actually initially set eyes, but then tasted will understand that it is not that he was hungry. Such baits work well for the first time on the pond, much like selling tickets to the premiere of the movie, whereas a couple of weeks the interest in the film is already close to zero. Coastal zone — a great food source for carp

46. Don’t neglect fishing from the shore
Some of the largest carp in the country was caught in the 20-30 cm from the shore. Steep Bank in most lakes, rivers, canals is a great source of food for carp.

47. Be adventurous
Give carp a try that not using your anglers opponents. Fish can reward you in a moment.

48. Feel the bottom
Feel the nature and depth of the bottom. After casting the fishing line is in tension, while the snap-in will not sink to the bottom. Once the bottom has been reached – your line will SAG. Also, speed posting, you will be able to determine the bottom topography and nature (silt, shell, clay, pebbles).

49. Trust your method of fishing
If you adhere to a certain method of fishing and want to find out it will bring you success – suggest to remain faithful to him in whatever he became, for a predetermined period of time. To abandon the method because of lack of bites is inappropriate, perhaps the reason the details over you need to work.

50. Do not hesitate with the change of place
Get ready to move. You should not indicate their presence through the unfolding of various gear and related attributes around places. Be more mobile. Fish often change place and is visible to the naked eye.

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51. And the fish-then sailed
The lion’s share of anglers catch carp on a not very great distance from the shore (40-60 meters). But with the influx of carp anglers feels the danger and goes to more distant frontiers, but the fishermen think that carp are not interested in the bait. Success belongs to only those who will be able to send your bait to 100-140 meters. But do not forget about the rule of fishing near the shore (tip # 46).

52. Don’t neglect fishing at the surface
On hot summer days do not neglect fishing at the surface. Some successful anglers catch big carp every year in the upper layers and this is justified tactic in those moments when no one bites on the bottom.

53. Try again
Trial and error – what leads a person to success in any business. Fishing for carp is no exception. You don’t have to change gear completely, but you can try to fish in other areas, change parts snap-on is more thin, apply another lure and so on.

54. Do not worry due to the loss of fish
If there was a gathering of fish, then the fish was stronger than you. You will have the opportunity to improve their playing skills, improve their gear and equipment and, of course, to sharpen the hooks. Fishing is the process of evolution of the angler new to the professional angler. It would be less than pleased if the process of evolution went in the opposite direction.

55. Effort = number of fish caught
The more you put efforts the more you will catch carp. This also applies to how much rainy fishing you will hatch it, how much time you get out fishing at 4 am. Equipment Polarized glasses will protect your eyes from the bright glare on the water

56. Polarized glasses
Better not go out fishing without polarized glasses. Winter, summer, fall, spring – they will help you all year round. It is important to see where the fish are and polarized glasses remove glare and allow you to see everything you need.

57. Take spare clothes
Carpfishing – is often a prolonged fishing, especially in the case of hunting big carp. In this case, you will need a spare set of clothing. You don’t know will remain Sunny weather or the rain, after which few would want to stay out fishing in wet clothes.

58. Mediocrity suits you
I advise you not to wear bright clothes. Put grey, green, brown or other, merging with nature color. It is also very important not to have reflective elements in the first place this applies to your points. If they will create glare is bad for your stealth for carp.

59. Gloves to protect my fingers from braids
Suggest you to use special gloves to protect fingers from cutting braided fishing line.

60. Be sure to have the camera and tripod
Caught the fish of a lifetime? But no one is around to take a photo of this event? You need to buy a tripod with the camera, put the shutter a dozen seconds – the camera would do everything on their own.

61. Application for your mobile phone
You can download a special app on their mobile phone, showing the weather, pressure, moon phase. Very convenient to get information directly from nature.

62. Binoculars
Using binoculars is very convenient to watch the carp at the water surface standing on the hill. It will also help you to see spikes in remote places.

63. A comfortable chair
A comfortable chair will help to spend hours waiting for a bite in comfort. It can be folding or stationary, most importantly that he was comfortable and then the process of fishing you will be in joy.

64. Do not complicate your life
Many fishing devices only complicate the life of fishing. They are made under the guise of useful devices, but you can easily do without them. Use only what really solves problems, not creates them. Care for the carp, personal hygiene take care of the health of the carp

65. Care caught carp
You have a first aid kit for the treatment of fish? You do not even heard? I advise you to adopt, especially if you have a fishing wish to thank the carp, who tried to remain in the pond and brought you much joy. First aid kit for treatment of wounds carp is not very expensive, but it is much easier life fish you release, and someday you will again be able to catch her, already more prepared for your fight.

66. Antibacterial wipes
Antibacterial wipes or liquid required for treatment of hands after contact with fish. Before you touch food, tea, drinks, or attributes of everyday life – you have to handle hands that have picked up unwanted bacteria.

67. Carefully take care of caught fish
To take carp in his hands better than just with wet hands to avoid damaging its protective film. Long exposure to air, the carp is not desirable. Also be sure to use the special wet mats or cloth to put the carp to photograph. Moisten the gills of carp with water from the reservoir watering them from small veterochki.

68. Rules for exemption of carp
Professionals suggest putting the fish should be only with their own hands, dropping into the water the body of a carp in a horizontal position. It is important to immerse the body of the fish in water and wait until carp wakes up and yourself will be able to go into the depths of the pond. — That’s all, guys … If you have one or a few tips for fishing that you think should be on the list, please leave a comment under the article and if we find it interesting — will add it to the tips above, don’t forget to include your name. Thank you for reading, and of course, avoid sagging of the line while playing fish.

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