All about tackle the “killer carp”

Many anglers who spetsializiruyutsya on the fishing ground tackle, popular fishing tackle with a terrible name “killer carp”. So it was named due to the unprecedented successful results in Karaseva fishing. And this name is fully justified, because the use of such devices have fish don’t have a single chance. By the way, except carp on the Donk and caught nice carp.

What is the “killer carp”

This tackle has no relation to sport fishing, and is mounted mainly on the feeder rod. But unlike the feeder fishing, waiting for a sensitive bite here is not necessary because:

  • rigging heavy and bulky;
  • it is attached a few hooks.

Fish hard enough to move a heavy bait, so the bite barely noticeable. However, this does not prevent fishermen to use such tackle. “Killer carp” can be purchased in various stores, or make your own hands.

There are several basic variants of this snap:

  • Sliding snap-in
  • Such an option is used by fishermen more often. One of its advantages is that the tackle has a great sensitivity. For the manufacture of gear you need to take the basic scaffold in the thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm (braid). The cut length should be within one meter. With one hand tied fishing line sinker (the weight should be 10-50 grams) and a swivel clasp. Now we will stay for the entire length of the moving link multiple feeders-springs, and for each of them accommodate a lead with a hook.

  • Blank snap-in
  • It is quite different from the first embodiment, and is a few feeders anchored to the main fishing line. The distance between them, typically ten to fifteen centimeters. As in the first case, each feeder-coil spring has its short leash with a hook. For the shipment of feeders you can use lead weights. Also available are the options of gear with integrated sinker.

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    You can look on the Internet and do different things, but most often for “killer carp” used hard spinning fishing rods with spinning reels. There are anglers who put such a snap and in flight the rods, but this is the exception rather the rule, as near the waterfront rarely found trophy fish carp.

    Positive and negative aspects of gear


    • snap-on is a few hooks, so you can use a wide range of tools and baits;
    • point of fishing is to feed better as the “killer carp” tied to multiple feeders;
    • a closer location feeding and bait;
    • you can use the snap-in under different weather conditions, in particular under adverse;
    • the device is universal: it is enough to change the nozzle, and you can catch other fish (carp, bream, carp, etc.);
    • the tackle is easily manufactured and the components are inexpensive;
    • you can choose from several mounting options.


    • the bite felt hard, even on a sliding snap, especially when compared with feeder tackle. To ensure samorodnitsky of fish more efficient to put braided leashes;
    • much more difficult to throw as the tackle is heavy and long. For good long range casting will need to gain experience and “stick” with a heavy test.
    • upon contact with water produces a lot of noise and splashing. It frightens the fish. It is more efficient to use a fixture on the deep rivers.

    Feed formulations, bait

    For successful fishing with the snap-in is not only proper design, a lot depends on well-cooked feed mixture. The composition must be viscous and dense. The best option would be, if in contact with water, feed the ball not fall apart into small factions, and a few tasty fish pieces.

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    That is why many anglers are gaining in the trough Hominy, mastyrka, various cereals with the addition of aromatic compounds, etc. In the case of the purchase in them, it is advisable to add scalded oatmeal, which is able to seal the lure.

    However, there is a category of fishermen who use the lure with consistency, and even clay. Such a mixture is more like a “pacifier”. And yet, inside of the lure to hide the hooks, but this method is more efficient for catching carp.

    Naturally, the result of fishing on the “killer carp” depends on many factors, but the quality and ingredients of the feed mixture are playing not the last role. As for the density of the balls, try to ensure that the mixture was washed for approximately five minutes.

    Bait for catching fish such accessories are selected the same as in the case of using conventional gear. Before fishing on the snap-in “the death of the goldfish” (this is the second name of the gear) you need to carefully lure the target point of fishing.

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