And that summer to catch bream, crucian, carp and roach?

Fishing, it is for everyone. One likes to sit on the money for a folding high chair throwing a fishing rod into the pond and peacefully admiring the play of water, given to philosophical thoughts. For another, fishing is a real hunting, passion, competition for the biggest catch. But those and other, ready for fishing, needs to know what kind of fish what kind of bait will bite and what it is actually catching.

The most important thing to start with the purpose of production, this will depend on how the reservoir should go and what tackle to prepare.

And that summer to catch carp

The habitat of the carp: this fish is found in depth places and enough cold water. To understand where the water is deepening, it is necessary in calm weather to look at the water surface, dark areas are the troughs.

Bait when fishing for carp. the perfect bait for carp will become maggots, worms, corn, carp boilies.

Tackle for carp fishing. The rod with the feeder. Don’t forget that carp, the fish are quite large, so special attention should be paid to the strength of the rod. When choosing gear, you should pay attention to the mast rod, despite the fact that it is quite heavy, he has a very sensitive top, making it easy to see how the fish begins to bite. A length of a mast pole up to three meters, which will allow you to throw the bait far enough.

And that summer to catch bream

The habitat of the bream. Bream can be found on calm rivers, places them in extensions. It is the summer, is this fish a good season.

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Bait when fishing for bream. The best bait would be maggots, but in no case do not rush, you need to remember that bream is one of the slowest species of fish, it can a very long time to look at the bait before they swallow.

Tackle for catching bream. For successful catching bream is ideal bottom gear. At the moment fishing rods for bottom fishing are supplied with interchangeable tips of different stiffness, the optimal sensitivity of the rod. Also, when choosing gear, you should consider the length of the rod, as it is one of the most important nuances of bottom fishing.

And that summer to catch the roach

The habitat of the roaches. The roach can hunt in almost any pond, but more successful fishing will take place in places where green algae, they are the main food for roach.

Bait when fishing for roach. As the roach fish is unpretentious, it can bring a variety of bait, such as bread crumb, worm, grasshopper, maggot.

Tackle for catching roach. For catching roach, you can use a float on almost all waters. Most importantly, it’s a permanent bait point fishing. Mainly roach comes one of the first.

And that summer to catch carp

The habitat of the carp. Favorite summer fishing, is found everywhere, the catch is almost always promises to be rich. But the large aggregations of carp, can be found in shallow burrows close to the shore.

Bait when fishing for carp. In contrast to the exacerbation of appetite in the spring, the summer, the fish becomes more selective in food preferences. In the summer is to use vegetable bait, such as boiled barley, millet, batter, bread crumb.

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Tackles for catching carp. And again float rod in the aid of such gear, there is one feature, it is possible to throw in such remote places as reeds that are almost impossible with other gear. But if the terrain allows, better fishing on Cormac, he’s a feeder, you may only be fishing with Cormac. Everything is simple, prepare the lure hammered in the spring, nipple, feeder, and hook — read above.

And, of course, is not to forget that is suitable for fishing early morning, yet the sun does not come into its own, in the afternoon bite usually goes down, but in the evening, and most of all, the whole summer night can once again enjoy cool.

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