Bread and sour curd is an effective bait for catching tench

Ling fish is very cautious and catch it can be very difficult. She’s scared and the slightest foreign sound, and Mature individuals prefer to swim alone. These circumstances significantly complicate the fishing line, and though they are omnivorous, but catch them without prior feeding locations is simply unrealistic. After a study of feed compositions can talk about lures, and ways of hooking the right fish fish.

What bait is better: purchased or homemade

To Lin well pecked, it is necessary to lure to the desired position and hold there. For this fishing you need to lure mixtures. They can either make yourself or buy already prepared at the store. Each group of compositions has its advantages and disadvantages.

As already mentioned, Lin is very picky about food, and the slightest unfamiliar fish ingredient or scent could spook him, so hope the standard lure is hardly possible. When selecting mixes to pay attention to the fishing season, the weather, the lake itself. Proceeding from the logic to create the foods you need according to local natural features, geographic data (latitude, longitude). That’s exactly what experienced fishermen going to fish an unfamiliar body of water, or trying a new bait mix.

As the components of the mixtures are organic substances (mostly in spring), natural flavors. Ingredients should be fresh, otherwise, Lin will float away.

Fishermen with experience of fishing line claim that often the fish can be caught on a non-standard compositions, e.g. a mixture of cottage cheese with bread and peat from the reservoir. Bread without crust moistened in water, squeezed thoroughly, and the composition is added to the peat, earth (clay).

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Making lure for catching tench

Homemade mixtures are manufactured taking into account certain factors:

  • What method of fishing is used. If we are talking about feeder fishing, the composition to be more viscous and dense, so it is better to keep in the trough. It would be nice to add organic matter. If you will catch on the float rod, then make a mixture of herbal ingredients, which must be substance playing the role of bait.
  • The time of year. In cold weather, the efficient of a mixture of more calories during warm days plant compounds, but insects Lin is also very popular.
  • Characteristic features of the reservoir. In places with stagnant water (rates, lakes), the result show a good mix is not very viscous, but at the same time, dusty. If fishing for tench occurs in rivers with small flow, while spraying the lure should be slightly larger than in the first case.
  • The presence or absence of forage in the vicinity. Going to the reservoir, be sure to pay attention to trees growing near water, fields, or other potential food sources during floods. It is necessary to consider in the manufacture of feed compositions, adding them living nearby insects.
  • Weather conditions. Based on years of experience it is established that the lines respond better to food in cloudy weather with little wind. By the way, this weather helps the fisherman to disguise, hiding from the fish (particularly in the presence of the ripple waves). When the sun shines and the water is clean and clear, fish are able to detect the angler with considerable depth.
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    Catchability nozzle of bread with cheese

    Well proven mixture of bread dough and stale cheese. The effectiveness of this bait confirmed, many fishermen are facing on the hunt for Lin. Difficulties with cooking does not occur. The only difficulty is that it takes some time for the fresh cheese is spoiled, acquiring a characteristic odor.

    Stages of preparation:

    • prepare the ingredients: one piece of cheese on three pieces of crumb of white bread;
    • the components are connected together and vmeshivayutsya until pasty state;
    • the plate is formed with a thickness of approximately one inch;
    • the plate is placed on a brick and bake it in the oven for a short time. To control the degree of readiness it is necessary for the appearance of a pleasant smell and a Golden color.
    • the fisherman left to cut the strip into small pieces, knead with hands to make balls and use as either a lure, or nozzle.

    Scents for fishing for tench

    As a rule, fishing for tench getting natural odors. To chemical fragrances should be treated very carefully, and this is especially true of fishing this capricious and finicky fish. If you still decided to use non-natural compounds, make sure that they are suitable for the chosen reservoir.

    Natural scents are best will work: ground cumin seeds, bent garlic, hemp seed, coriander seeds, cocoa powder. For maximum effect the ingredients you need before it is added to the composition to roast and grind. If you use garlic, skip it through the press. All components must be fresh.

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