Breeding maggots for fishing for sale

Every time buying maggots from fishing shops involuntarily start to think about costs in preparation for fishing and the result by the number of fish caught and not necessarily the results of fishing more value than the cost in preparing for it. Buying a small plastic bag with maggots for 25 rubles, where maggots only 30-40 pieces, you know that one will be small and take one or two more.

But other fishermen fishing bring a bucket of maggots and use it in combo with lure for refilling the feeders, and also for attachment of hooks and jig, well, then you know that if you buy this amount, you will have to spend considerably. Of course, no one bucket of maggots will not buy, it is easy to dissolve itself and, moreover, different sizes and colors. Breeding maggots for fishing, on sale does not require any additional spending. Self-breeding of maggots for anglers the necessary and beneficial, many people are starting their own business, albeit small but profitable.

To breed good fish maggots at home, you first need to choose the room where You’re doing it. House, land or apartment in high-rise buildings or cottage, anywhere you can find a corner for this. In the summer it is possible to find a place outdoors in a shaded place. The temperature should range from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, no more, no less, as it affects the size of larvae. Ventilate the building, but not often and not much (without drafts) in a place like this maggot the longer it is kept. So the room should not be heavily publicized, low brightness the best option. The building should be divided into the upper and lower part, where there will be a food source for the flies and the compartment for deposition of larvae, respectively.

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The quality of Your maggots usually depends on three factors:
— food (flies need to eat proteins, carbohydrates and water. It should be fish or dried meat chickens, eggs. The food was moist, it can be placed on wet sawdust. It is also necessary to make the troughs for the flies covering them slightly tight gauze). Maggot is output even in a silo, but this option I do not consider, as the smell from the silage is very unpleasant and lasts a long time. But with silos in rural areas, it can collect in September and kept in the cellar all winter.
— the stage of sowing maggots (there is an early (maggots soft and small, but stored for a long time), optimal (maggots are large, well maintained), late (larvae pupate and dry quickly);
— species of flies (the most perfect small green flies if the fly is black or grey, then the larvae are either all smaller or all larger than, respectively);

The volume of growing Your maggots will depend on the width of the room and the number made devices for laying eggs. You can grow more than 10 kg fast and cheap. You do not require any cost. To adjust the room temperature, you must supply basic household appliances with sensors for monitoring temperature and automatic switching of the OS in the desired mode. No need to spend money to put a complete ventilation installation.

With regard to buildings for the breeding of maggots, there are a variety of options:
1) Just make a few boxes covered with a fine mesh, the size of which You choose from 1 meter by 1 meter. Its bottom must be solid. For Your larvae to stock up on several bags of sawdust, not to spend money, they can in-law in any plant for the production of furniture for free or deliver for a nominal fee.
2) to Hang fish or meat in areas inhabited by flies, always in the shadows. To wait until they lay eggs, the desired number. Then remove the food and put in a vessel, covering them with a lid with holes. After 2-3 days You will have large maggots, which will need to choose, and fish(meat) discarded.
3) In the chosen room you need a few boards, tanks or large containers, which will be deposited larvae. Figuratively share the building on 2 floors, the top of which must have a minimum of openings through which will pass in the right compartment fly larvae. Must be podstolny sawdust, to avoid moisture and keep temperature.
4)Choose the required number of cans by placing the bottom in sand and sawdust. Top hung food for the flies (dried meat or fish). Put in a cool room for a day. Then, gather up the required number of larvae, close the jar with holes in it and put in a dark place and wait for 2-3 days.

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You can easily breed maggots in a loaf of bread, the crust on a fresh loaf of bread and pull a little of the crumb, and pour a little water with fish blood (when clean the fish she remains at the bottom of the dish in which to put the fish), waiting when will fly will fly and do their work, then cover and place the loaf in a plastic bag. It may take 2-3 days and the maggot is ready, it will be clean and not smelly, this way you can bring maggots even on the balcony.
Maggots can be easily sold among friends the fishermen who will promote Your product among their friends.

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