Calendar of the fisherman or the forecast for biting fish

Say at once. Calendar of the fisherman who tells about the activity of fish in a particular calendar month are able to give only an approximate averaged information on the processes occurring in the reservoirs.

But can we trust the average information? Unfortunately, no. Because every pond is a huge body, living their life. Each pond is a unique ecosystem, which interact with millions of living creatures. To predict how to behave in one of the elements of this system — the fish is quite difficult.

Because the seasonal behavior of the fish depends on:

  • water condition (temperature, transparency, level, power flow, oxygen balance) in the reservoir;
  • changes in the weather;
  • the phases of the moon.

Ideally, you need to create a fishing calendar for each individual reservoir. Even in neighboring bodies of water, the fish in the same day can behave differently. Unfortunately, the work is complex, almost overwhelming.

But if You decide to make a calendar yourself, you need to pay attention to the main factor — the average water temperature in the pond.

The average water temperature

Any fish go to spawn when the water temperature reaches a certain value. Perch, for example, starts spawning at 8 degrees Celsius, carp — at 15 and Lin — 18 in.

The most intense biting fish usually before spawning, and then seven days after spawning. But to predict what the temperature of the water in any reservoir, for example, on may 20, 2015 nobody can.

The water level in the reservoir

This factor cannot be excluded, but it is impossible to unambiguously interpreted. In the spring, lower water levels on the rivers usually leads to increased biting. In the summer, to weaken. To consider the impact of water level is necessary, but only selectively bound to a particular body of water.

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Changes in air temperature

Any fish, especially large — weather-sensitive creature. Any changes in the weather affect its activity. Sharp warming after a period of cold weather, for example, always improves the forecast for biting fish. However, this applies to white fish. The predator, on the contrary likes a cold snap after a period of relative warmth.

Changes in atmospheric pressure

Any changes in pressure, especially sudden, weaken the biting of the fish. Big fish at this time trying not to move. Medium and small fish as a special activity does not show.

The change in the wind direction

Wind is one of the most influential factors that should be considered by fisherman calendar. The long experience of fishermen says that:

  • the Northern, Eastern and North-Eastern wind will always lead to a decrease in fishing activity and, therefore, the forecast of fish and its fish to be disappointing;
  • South, West and southwest wind will help strengthen the fish;
  • the North-West and South-East wind biting special effects are not.

It is important to understand that the direction and force of the wind impact on the bite and have to consider him going on a fishing trip, it is necessary.


A factor that has an effect on a biting fish, but only in relation to other atmospheric phenomenon. Warm summer rain in the heat, for example, saturates the water with oxygen, because the bite is accompanied by. Cold autumn rain cools the already cool water, and therefore counteracts the bite.

The phases of the moon

Recently there are many studies related to the influence of the moon on the forecast for biting fish. Traditionally it is believed that our natural satellite has a direct impact on the bite of fish. Anglers of the old leaven claim that peak phases of the moon (full moon and new moon) was the worst period for catching any fish. At the same time, the increasing or decreasing Moon is conducive to increased feeding of fish.

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Ichthyologists strong dependence of bite from the phases of the moon do not find. Studies conducted within the last three years did not reveal any apparent influence of changes of the phases of the moon on nibble freshwater pike.

But completely to exclude from a document called the calendar of the fisherman, this factor was not worth it.

Real calendar the angler needs to take into account the above, the minimum factors of influence on the biting fish. And therefore quite accurate can be a calendar drawn up by the fisherman exclusively for a particular reservoir.

And make this calendar for the Fisher special work will not make. Enough to take fishing with me a thick notebook and bring it before fishing weather conditions. Record forecast fish and the result of fishing (referring to the bait and the nozzle).

By the way all these data can be found in the widget at the top of the website, to the right, and it is for your city. You can also use a map of fishing spots near your location.

Exactly what serious anglers do. Compiled this calendar as soon as we would like, but also projections on the bite it gives is much more accurate than purchased calendars. And why is it so, you just read.

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