Cast retractable

Essentially fishing spinning fishing differs from regular fishing rod, and that rod spinning rod equipped with a reel and line, for throwing bait to the planned destination of the reservoir and winding the fishing line on the drum with the transfer of her abrupt movements of the bargain for attracting game. Only proper management of the bait makes the game attractive and makes fish an overwhelming desire to grab her (playing the spoon provokes the fish, prompting her predatory reflex). First we need to learn accurately and quickly, to produce casts, retractable lure in the intended point, without a loud noise when it falls on the water surface with both hands without relying on facilities terms and conditions. Looking for experienced anglers as they are easily and gracefully make casts and wiring. It is very easy: make a wave, throw a decoy, it pulls the line or do the wiring. Nothing in this complicated. But it only seems to you. Failures of cocky newcomers discourage the most persistent. You need to be patient and to work out teaching spinning techniques.

Casting technique retractable

For learning the technique of casting, retractable novice anglers it is better to use fishing line with a medium soft 0.5-0.7 mm, it is necessary to wind it on the spool, 40 meters would be enough. Why not longer and not thinner? The thing is, the line of such size will be less confused, and this trust is inevitable when training. For ease of learning the technique of casting outfit fishing line, the sinker only.

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How to do side casting

Side casting one-handed spinning

The easiest way to learn a side cast, it is produced from right to left or Vice versa for left-handers. The lure before the cast has to hang from 60 to 100 cm, it depends on the length of the rod, the position of the thumb should be on the drum of the reel to lock it. The cast is in a stable position, which made swing back and uniformly accelerated message of the bait at the intended location of the reservoir, angle of the flight of the lure should be 45 – 60° relative to water. The technique of the promise of the lure is correct when further movement of the hand involved body. The correct swing is performed widely with a smooth acceleration to avoid a sharp jerk on the drum of the reel and the appearance of obfuscation. The finger should be removed from the drum reels at the time of tensioning of the fishing line before the flight of the lure. Depends on the accuracy of the cast, if the finger release before the bait will fall to the left, if the later, then planned to the right place.

Smooth promise leads to entanglement of the fishing line (“beard” so the spinning is called the entanglement of the fishing line when casting), because at the initial moment the velocity of the flying lure is approximately equal to the feed speed of the fishing line from the reel spinning. With the continuation of the falling speed of the flying lure reel of the inertia reel continues to spin, the line continues to run, the result is “beard”. To prevent this the drum you need time to slow down with your finger. Experienced anglers determine this point, on a subconscious level, not focusing on this. To the beginner it will be difficult at the initial stage to do it, so it will be right after casting to look at the coil and once the fishing line will become weakened, start smooth braking of the drum with its further stop.

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In the case of long-distance casting increases the flight speed of the bait and the inertia of rotation of the drum, respectively, the required power and the braking of the drum will grow. The greater the rotational inertia, the sooner you have to start to slow down the drum to a complete stop it after the bait drops into the water.

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