Catch carp the old-fashioned method — “on the hanger”

How far stepped progress literally every day are developed and implemented innovative technologies related to different spheres of life. So did the innovations and the scope of fishing. More and more anglers use them, but let’s think about the antiquated methods of the invention and used for centuries. Maybe they are also quite effective, and has not lost its relevance today?

For example, you are going to go to the pond to catch some carp or carp. Why don’t you use the old method of fishing “on the hanger”. It is very simple and easy to use (not that many modern inventions).

Catch fish with suspension

Selected catchability place near reeds. Take the hanger from the rubber, and attach it with nylon cord to something on the shore, after putting inside a little meal. A hook with a button attached to the leash a little lower.

By the way, it is not necessary to tie the suspension to the reeds – it can be mounted on and growing near the coastline the tree. “Suspension” is carried into the water by a distance equal to about twelve or thirteen meters from the shore.

The principle of fishing

With the coming of darkness, the carp swims up to the left of the cake and begins to eat it. In the process of absorption of food the fish likes, and swallows hidden hook (sometimes buttoned). Most likely carp then a button to spit out, but off the hook it is unlikely.

This way you can quickly and easily catch carp and carp, while the fish itself does not even suspect that it is already on the hook. Check the rope in the morning, as your catch is securely fixed on a fishing hook, and not going anywhere.

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Tackle “kitaika”

Once, not so long ago, many fishermen used this method to catch carp. Now they are very few, after all, was invented by more modern methods and devices. Fishermen using this method of carp, and carp fishing, they say that they catch “on the Chinese”.

This name was probably because the Chinese were the first to notice that the fish spits out a button or any other inedible object, while remaining cut.

In addition to carp and carp to the Chinese, you can catch and carp. The principle and the sequence of actions is similar.

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