Catching pike on a Wobbler

In addition to lures, many anglers – anglers when pike are actively using Wobbler. Most often, the pike is offended active game of bait with slow reeling. To catch it better on a small floating wobblers with a diving depth up to 5 meters. After casting Wobbler at first slowly deepened, and then begin a smooth retrieve. In order to lure as a long time went to the proper depth, you should squeeze the tip of the rod closer to the water. When fishing on a floating Wobbler, this should be done immediately after casting, or the bait will be quickly on the surface.

Very good for pike established a small, elongated lures with blades. Unlike most other models, they not only oscillate along its axis, but also actively playing, making a jerking from side to side.

If pike lurking on the site with a small depth, then the prey it attacks, usually from the bottom up, when the little thing moves closer to the surface of the water. Therefore, in areas of the reservoir, with a depth of 2.5 meters, you should lead a Wobbler in the upper layers of water, occasionally letting it come to the surface. For such purposes, best suited for floating model with a sound effect and immersion depth of one meter. Such lures could be moving them down then up. This is achieved by the smooth swaying or spinning a few turns of the coil. The main thing in this to catch the desired rate of movement.

On the same pond throughout the day, pike can respond to the varying intensities of reference of the lure – from expedited posting to very sluggish perturbation near the surface. In addition, she is indifferent to the lures-poppers, the whole game which is to multichanel almost in the same place. When fishing at shallow depth, close to aquatic vegetation control a Wobbler through the brush, occasionally letting it surface and making this a moment momentary pause. Here and there are many attacks of the spotted predator.

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The pike fishing in signaturesi parts of the reservoir is reduced to that floating a Wobbler thrown in the “window” of clean water, and then aged the pause in 5 seconds. Then make several turns, forcing the bait to nod and not letting her go more than a meter. In this game Wobbler is very much like a weakened fish that’s trying to go in depth, but can’t.

Also catch pike and sinking wobblers. In this case the bait are speed posting near the bottom. First Wobbler dives sharply, describing an arc, and then PREROLL is terminated, giving the crank a bit to get up. Then again followed by a sharp dive to the bottom.

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