Choosing the best fishing rod spinning

No need to rush to buy fishing rod spinning, it must first properly choose for the following method. How to do it?

To take and to bring the spinning to a working state. To collect it, hold it in hand to appreciate the balance and weight of the rod, comfort handle. If chosen in this way tackle immediately “grip”, you will have the desire to work it. Do not deny yourself this. Pull a few times, spinning from one side to the other, wave simulating a throw.

What listen — a well-fitting gear should work without creaking and crackling. Carefully inspect the rings. Their landing must be strong and rigid, the bushings should not rotate. Make sure to sleeve all of the rings had scratches, cracks and SAG. Now give the spinning a horizontal position and “aim” through the rings. The centers of the rings should be on the same centerline.

Whips made of composites, carbon fiber, and fiberglass is able to withstand severe bends, but the torsion — burst and burst-axis. Therefore, the correct placement of rings rods only guarantee against destruction of the fibers of the material of the whip, if this requirement is breached, when casting, fighting the fish and cutting it will break down due to shearing forces causing the torsion.

Therefore while choosing, you must make sure that the seam was straight and coincides with the center line of the ring and with a Central axis of the seat of the reel seat. Finally it is checked. Wave a few times with the rod sharply, but not much — and look at the movement of the top of the whip. The tip should return to the starting point in a straight line without meandering paths, it proves the installation of the rings at the seam. Otherwise the rod for all its other advantages will last long.

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There is another way to check the correct placement of accessories relative to the seam. By itself, the seam is a thickening one of the walls of the whip, stretching from the butt to the tip. Seam is formed in the result of the winding patterns of carbon or glass fiber on a solid frame (drone), which gives the rod a conical shape and to a high extent determines its properties.

Therefore, we propose the following method of testing will help you determine the degree of hardness of the whip and his castle. Carefully place the rod on the floor or on a table, arm myself, and the rings down. Now begin to gently lift it by holding in the hands the tip of the rod.

When it started to bend and the edge of the arm will touch the floor at only one point, try to spin the whip around the axis clockwise and counterclockwise. When the rings are not on the seam or a straight seam, as if the joints of the knees will not lie on the same line, then the rotation of the rod will “fight” like trying to slip from his hands.

If the whip doesn’t effect, is elastically bent from the top to the bottom quarter and if the tip can withstand the load (not emit suspicious sounds), then you are in the hands of just the spinning that you need, so you made the right choice. You can be sure that correctly selected the rod will serve you for years, of course with proper and careful use.

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