Choosing the right gear for catching bream, feeder and snap rods

Bream is a coveted trophy of many fishermen. This fish can be caught in different ways, but increasing recognition of the people wins bottom feeder tackle. In this article you will learn about some of the nuances of the use of feeder tooling, the habitats of bream, peculiarities of the installation gear.

Prepare feeder tackle and snap with the arrival of spring, but begin to hunt for bream better before spawning. This period takes place on different waters at different times, but as a rule, a necessary condition for its occurrence is warming the water up to 12-15 degrees.

Habitats bream

Bream prefer water bodies with low current, so look for this fish should be in lowland rivers (especially on the twists and turns of the riverbed). Well she feels and in closed water bodies.

Favourite habitats of bream are edge, drop offs, deep space in the rivers, holes in the bottom waters. Well if you opt for fishing rivers or lakes with clay, silted bottom, return flow, or will take place near any natural cover.

In the evening a flock of bream POPs up closer to the surface of the root edge, and after the sun goes to search for food in the aquatic vegetation to a depth of two meters. In the morning, the same fish again fall into the depths.

Selection of the main elements of the snap

The rod. It should be selected depending on the casting distance of the gear, and the main features of the reservoir, where it will be fishing. If we are talking about long casts (up to a hundred meters), then the most efficient use of CFRP (carbon). The length of the rod thus varies from 3.9 to 4.2 meters, system fast. In the extreme case will fit the stick 3.6 m, but for shots of this gear requires some skill.

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It is advisable to choose the test rod 80-120 grams that will allow you to use heavy feeders. Every fisherman should carry a supply of tips of different hardness.

Coil feeder. To fishing the feeder do not cause trouble, tackle need to complement high-quality reelthat will reel the line without any overlap. It is better to take the spool low profile, size 2500-3500 (picker and rods of medium-class), as for fishing in streams and making long-distance shots – 4000 and more.

When using braided fishing line the basic elements of the bobbin must be made of titanium nitride. The coil should be balanced, and preferably to do it right in the store, taking with him a fishing rod.

Leash and fishing line. Requirements to the main fishing line — strength and a bad memory (so it does not spin in the ring). These requirements are more in line with braided line with a diameter of 0.10 – 0.12 mm. the thickness of the leash is in the range of 0.16 mm.

Feeders. They are a major element of the English donkey, and are selected depending on the number of the lure, its weight. A lot depends on where you catch it, whether it’s a fast river or a calm lake. It is advisable to take along several options for feeders of different weights and size. For fishing on calm or moderate course river use triangular heavy feeders.

For long casts suitable heavy equipment, in a closed water is better to use a round or oval model feeders with large cells. But in this case their weight is much smaller (not more than 80g).

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Selection of the correct tooling

For effective fishing for bream in the rivers anglers set various snap-ins. One of them is:

Paternoster Gardner

This gear is easy to manufacture, but it has a huge number of advantages:

  • fishing line gets tangled and there is almost no overlap;
  • shows excellent results in fishers with different fishing experience;
  • is made very quickly;
  • has a small number of elements;
  • moving the loop itself is almost pinpoint the fish.

Paternoster mounted on the main fishing line. Tip: soak the cord before knotting, then they “will not burn”. Fit gear:

  • From one end of the line make a big loop (not less than two inches).
  • Depart from the loop for approximately 20-2cm, tying a loop-eight. Later on it will set the feeder.
  • Method loop the loop connecting the leash with a little loop.
  • For catching bream, it is sufficient to take the leash length to 30 cm, but every fisherman in the stock, you have leashes of different lengths. Thus, they prepare the house in advance.

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