Corn as bait for fishing

One of the most common baits for fishing is the most common corn. It is inexpensive, well attracts fish with its color, and the taste of this product is “level”. On this nozzle are well caught almost all types of peaceful fish. This article will talk about the different types of corn, and also about methods of cooking this product.

Canned sweet corn

On the shelves of grocery stores represented a large assortment of corn, including canned and in jars. Its grain is used as a nozzle, but you need to choose only one label that says “sweet”. The product can be used immediately: simply open the jar and planted grain on the hook. Mainly for the reliability of the fasteners used method “hair snap”, but some fishermen is further added an aromatic mixture.

And yet, the sweet corn you can cook by yourself. For this you will need:

  • Soak grain in regular tap water until they swell. This process, depending on the varieties of cereal lasts 24 to 72 hours.
  • To cook soaked grains, adding honey (sugar). Cooking time can take from thirty to sixty minutes.
  • In the finished composition, you need to add vanilla. It will be a natural aromatizatorom.
  • Insist all during the day. During this time, the corn will allocate required quantity of lactic acid, which will attract the fish.
  • Recommendation: cook grain should only be to mitigate them. If the corn will be mushy, you may have difficulty mounting it on the hook. How to make a bait of steamed corn

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    Steamed grain is very simple. You need to take a thermos, and put a pre-swollen corn. Its amount should be approximately one-fourth of its capacity. Add very hot water to completely fill the volume of the thermos, and leave for four hours.

    The composition can also add various aromatic mixtures and spices. The options of flavors depends on what fish you are going to hunt.

    Fermentation sour corn

    This process will take you not one day, so you need to prepare in advance. However, your efforts will later be repaid with interest – the bite will be excellent. The cooking process is as follows:

    • fruits of the corn to soak and cook about forty minutes;
    • replace the water in which the cooked product into a new (water you need to take not very many);
    • add sugar to the mixture. To add flavor you can enter a little honey;
    • add the nutritional yeast. They need 10 grams per 1 kg of composition;
    • all mix well and put in some vessel of glass;
    • in the resulting “mix” is definitely filled with sunflower (or similar oil) to protect from contact with air.

    Fermentation: the yeast bacteria eat the sugar from the mixture, while the acid and alcohol.

    Recommendation: in any case do not close the jar lid as the fermentation process is the active release of carbon dioxide. Imitation corn kernels

    This type of artificial baits include simulators grains of synthetic materials like plastic. Their structure is designed in such a way as to most effectively attract fish and provoke it to bite.

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    This lure has the advantages:

    • it is reusable;
    • as soon as the mixture hits the water, it instantly begins to act.

    The bait is now packaged in a jar, and have already finished the options with a specific flavor, but there is the lure of the neutral and odourless. In the latter case, the fisherman decides already in place what flavor he choose, guided by the specific conditions of fishing.

    Corn fishing

    In principle, this is the most common canned product is found in any fishing store. The difference is that the manufacturer subjects grain processing special secret recipes, and colors them in different colors.

    Typically, the grain size in the Bank approximately the same. In the process of making them are constantly subject to quality control. In addition, the composition of the product added substances, significantly prolonging the shelf life.

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