Demi-season suit Gorka

Fishing is a very interesting and exciting experience, but sometimes it can ruin a bad weather. These are the realities and sharp change of weather in a bad way to predict, almost impossible. But out there — you can always buy a suit Slide, which will protect you in extreme conditions for fishing, hunting or an expedition in the mountains.

In this article I would like to acquaint you with its characteristics. And also tell what are the advantages and disadvantages over other fishing suits he has. And of course to collect some feedback from the network and share them with you. Well, everything in order and we start with the characteristics.

The contents

  • Characteristics of the suit
  • Advantages
  • Demi-season suit Gorka
    • Jacket Hill
    • Pants slide
  • Reviews of fishermen and hunters
  • Where and how to buy
  • Size chart for the costume

Characteristics of the suit

The main advantage of the suit for fishing Hill is the fabric from which it is made is a fabric tent. Which protects you from wind, cold, rain and dampness for fishing, hunting or Hiking in nature. Any bad weather generally does not affect your comfort.

If you are thinking about to buy a suit Slide or not to buy it, another factor that may influence your choice is fabric made from 100% cotton. With this lining you can feel comfortable in any weather, and even strong heat, the leather will still breathe.

Camouflage color suit khakithat allows you to remain unnoticed in a variety of conditions comfortable. You will always be undetected on hunting and fishing, this is especially true when hunting cautious animals and fishing for shy fish. This color allows you to completely merge with the environment and disguises are even better than all the usual color of camouflage.

Great is sound adjustmentthat allows you to completely customize the suit to your body. Because each of you has its own physiological characteristics and completely control every movement can only be aligned with all components of the costume.

The main indicator for a comfortable hunting and fishing is the presence of functional pockets on the suit. If not, then to take the necessary things will be hard enough. But if you decide to buy a suit Slide, you can be sure that problems with the pockets not be. It’s a lot of them, to be more precise, the jacket has 5 pockets, and the trousers 6. This will allow you to bring all the necessary things and leave your hands free, this will not be happy except those who have a backpack for fishing.

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The place of suit, which are most affected loads are reinforcing figured overlay. Which avoids the rubbing of the suit in the district of elbows and knees. A particular strength in the most refined areas will help to use the suit more than one year.

All anglers and hunters is very important to know that they are in durable clothing. And if you are really important requirements for high strength fishing suit, you can be sure the Slide corresponds to them. The material from which it is made is very difficult to damage or break.


All fishermen and hunters more once the rain was caught off guard when the seemingly favorite activity is just beginning to gain momentum in full swing. But if you decide to buy a suit Slide, then you can not pay attention to the rain, because it is covered with a special waterproof substance on the external side.

Suit jacketthat allows you feel comfortable summer, spring, autumn and early winter (strong frost, he is not fit). Such versatility has been achieved through the use of 100% cotton in the manufacture of the costume.

The suit has a special double adjustable hood with visor, which will protect your head in case of rain and the strong wind gusts. Because the head always gets cold first and to protect her from the wind is one of the main tasks of clothing for outdoor activities.

Due to the particular tailoring, the specialized techniques of pattern and sophisticated techniques and fastening system, the suit will not hamper your movements. You will be able to easily move without feeling discomfort.

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By the way, rumor has it that even the special forces has in its list of ammunition such costumes as: Gorka 3, 3 bars, 4, bars 4 and 5. But this is not verified information, but only speculation, so the choice is always yours.

Demi-season suit Gorka

Time for use of the suit can be cut out of the title. Since the suit Gorka jacket, use it best in spring and autumn. The main material used in the production of suit has become the tent fabric.

The fabric is called “Greta” combines cotton and synthetic and it is used for sewing special pads in the suit. Blended canvas is used for additional amplification of the upper part of the shoulders and the middle of the hood. Suit completely waterproof, as his shoulders no seams.

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Pockets protected by triangular patches, and are located on the jacket sleeves and in the back of the pants. This cut allows to protect the corners of the stripes from bending and deformation. Dark pads are a distinctive feature that allows to see this set among the rest.

The upper and the lower part is made in free style. Wind protection and maximum prileganie costume on the figure provided by a special system of fixing the side parts. Using strings it is possible to adjust the cloak, and braces will help to make the jacket as comfortable as possible.

Jacket Hill

If you are going to purchase the original suit Gorka, then you will be interested to know some important nuances. The tent fabric is the main material used for sewing, to speak in plain language, it is 100% tarpaulin. Despite the fact that the fabric is a bit stiff, but it is quite durable and will serve you not one year.

Suit Gorka bars different from others constructively, it inside pockets are located in the chest area. And two outer pockets located at the bottom of the suit and can fasten with buttons. Cuff on the sleeves are fixed with Velcro.

Pants slide

Material tailoring of the pants is no different from the jackets, they are also made of canvas material and reinforced with stripes, cotton-poly blend “Greta”.

Stripes are located on those parts of the pants that are most susceptible to wear:

  • areas on the knees;
  • the sciatic area;
  • the ankle area.

Fly is equipped with buttons as fastening pomochey (braces adjustment). The waistband cinches with rubber bands, like the hem. For easy storage and transport things on the pants has two side pockets.

On the inside of the pants is printed, which contains the data:

  • About the manufacturer;
  • The purpose of the suit Gorka (for use in combat conditions, for use by special forces or for daily use).
  • Care suit is a very important factor that you should pay attention to. So you should pay attention to the recommendations for the care of a form before its purchase.

    • During washing no need to heat the water to temperatures above 40 °C.
    • Squeeze the suit after washing need with minimal effort.
    • Do not wash the uniform with a detergent containing bleach.
    • Iron the suit should be at a temperature less than 250 °C.
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    Reviews of fishermen and hunters

    Vladimir, Yekaterinburg
    I bought my family a suit as a gift to the day of the fisherman, immediately doubted his capacity to trust only to suits in fleece. But then a friend told me that if it is original, it will run circles around any costumes. And it is.

    Sergey, Novosibirsk
    Love hunting and fishing, I bought this costume for quite some time. And never regretted, because its universality is the envy of any other. This is the first jacket in summer is not hot, and not cold in the fall. Indeed, thanks to the lining body is not sweating.

    Cyril, Nizhniy Novgorod
    In our region there are constant rains, and fishing in the rain on the pike — it’s a solid choice. So I decided to buy a suit Slide just for such purposes. And it is really waterproof and after fishing, even caught in the pouring rain I always came home dry.

    Maxim, Krasnoyarsk
    After a year of operation decided to write a real review of the suit. Wore it almost every day, not a single seam is not broke, knees and elbows were worn even a single scratch on it, and I wear things very messy. I can say one thing: suit Gorka is the costume for real men.

    Where and how to buy

    To buy a suit of Gorka available for the citizens of Russia and Ukraine. The price is 7860 4240 rubles or hryvnia. But only for the users of our website discount, and you can purchase it at price of 3690 rubles, or 1990 hryvnia, which is quite cheap.

    Make a purchase of the costume is very simple, all you need is to click on the red button below and make the relevant fields of your data. Then you will call the Manager and clarify the delivery address and coordinate all of the additional moments.

    To fill in the questionnaire

    I advise you to buy a suit just for the official website of the manufacturer, go to that by clicking HERE. Since the Internet is now a lot of fakes, it is necessary to ascertain the quality of the purchased product, be sure to buy an original suit Gorka.

    Size chart for the costume

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