Donka with the tube. The technique of fishing

What tackle do not catch our fishermen. Many folk of the invention often primitive appearance, but no less efficient. That ground rod with tube belongs to them. Tackle this from different fishermen called different: some call this Donk harvester, other satellite, a bomb, well, the rest — smanjenom.

The stories of old fishermen Soviet “school” this tackle was something of a precursor feeder. In short, lightweight version of the “gear-tube” is the conventional plastic tube from the “PET” bottles, which is weighted with a lead sinker, and fixed leashes with hooks. According to the principle feeders tackle is filled in the feed mixtures, in which the hidden fish hooks. The weight of the tooling Assembly is in the range from 20 to 30 grams.

Tackle works like the “maquette” when the fish gets tempted by the delicious feed hidden inside hooks, sucks it, and then there is samopoczucia. Fisherman can only hear and see the signal, and then to pull the fish out of water. An important advantage of cork donkey over the others is its “range” that allows you to throw to a distance of 120 meters. On a bottom fishing quite well and caught by predators, and peaceful fish.

How to catch a Donk cork

Let’s consider the principle of operation of gear. As already mentioned, in this embodiment, fishing uses a weighted sinker tube from Pet bottles. It was her fisherman fills food plastilinovye consistency to ensure that the mixture does not fall when casting and very quickly not washed out inside of the reservoir. Part of the lure and aromatic compounds fisherman chooses their own.

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In clay hiding hooks up with a nylon leash securely fastened to the main leash through the hole in the rear end of the tube. Then need to attach the clasp to the main fishing line.

In many cases the “tube” take the white and yellow flowers, but, as you know, the color of the gear does not really matter. The fish do not care what color your gear – it is much more interested in the taste and aroma of food.

Hooks can use a variety of. Their choice will directly depend on the fishing conditions and fish size. The tube is in the water so that her bottom was looking down and aft part of the hook was at the top.

Hooks inside tubes can:

  • fully hide in the “clay”;
  • working part with an extra head sticking out of the lure.

Fish quickly respond to food, eat it, and reliably pinpoint the trigger. Typically, the fish does not cause any particular problems. Not notice the bite almost impossible, as: either there is a powerful pull, or, on the contrary, the line is fully attenuated. The sensor takes in both cases will inform you.

“Gear-tube” does not refer to sports gear, it is primitive, but it brings good results. Especially effective is its use of hot, summer days when the fish are holding in the bottom layers, and the usual rod is not effective. Favorably cork tackle “springs”, where the amount of feed consumed is much greater. In addition, this ground does not require special training, so the throw is much faster.

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And another important point: fishing this tackle can occur both near the coast and in the far, deep rivers.

How to build balsa tackle

Going such device as follows:

  • prepare two tubes, one plastic, the other tin (e.g., beer).
  • Pierce them with an awl Shoe. Openings should be located symmetrically on the bottom in two places.
  • In the holes put the wire that will serve as the basis of snap fasteners.
  • Aluminum tube approximately two thirds of the poured molten lead so that it is easy to insert a plastic tube.
  • To the main leash with a length of several tens of centimeters are fixed two three-inch leash. The main leash is attached to the tube with a carabiner through the holes.
  • Between the leashes set the bead or sleeve (closer to the mounting site).
  • Tackle conceptually different from the rest. When there is ingestion of fish bait, she tries to get away, pulling for a entire structure. At this point, the tube stays in place and moves only the main leash.

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