Effective bait for carp

Carp — fish are pretty lazy, which does not actively move through the waters in search of food. To fishing brought good results, fishing, have a good feed. If carp will be attracted to the smell and taste components bait it will be a long time is in the target point, giving you a good bite.

The components of lure depending on the season

Depending on the time of year, the fish change their behavior and dietary habits. It is necessary to consider, in the preparation of bait mixtures:

  • With the beginning of spring, the carp come out of hibernation and begin searching for food. The mixture should consist of animal components with a large amount of calories. Herbal ingredients thoroughly then blend before adding to the squad – so the fish will take longer to get enough. The aromatic liquid is added in small quantities.
  • For the summer peak season Karaseva fishing. The lure consists mainly of herbal ingredients. Welcome all kinds of experiments with smells. Fish is very bold, and therefore responds well to any fishing lures and tips.
  • Autumn carp is trying to actively feed before winter. The colder the temperature becomes of the water in the pond, the more organic components should be in the bait.
  • To catch fish in the winter you need to use organic compounds with a high content of animal ingredients. Flavors don’t want to add, or in small quantities, as the fish are very shy and cautious. By the way, that is why you need to choose the color of the lure is similar to the color of the soil in the pond.
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    Doing the feeding independently

    In most cases, self-prepared mixtures for carp yield better results than store bought, because the angler can pick up a number of ingredients and their composition depending on the specific conditions of fishing. By the way, the cost of the components is not so great.

    The composition of the mixture may include a plurality of components, which are mixed with each other in certain proportions. To ensure that the mixture does not spill prematurely and a well-filled trough, all the components must be carefully grind and moisten with water. Aromatic liquids are selected at your discretion. In addition, the main part of it would be nice to add two hundred grams of a mixture of purchase.

    Some effective recipes

    Every experienced Carnatic has its own recipe. We have collected some of them.

    Recipe for feeder No. 1

    Take pounds of breading and a pound of bran, two hundred grams of semolina, the same amount of oatmeal, three ounces of cake. All this well crushed and mixed with water. The state of the composition should be such that it is tightly curled up in the feeder, but does not spill before it reached the water.

    Recipe # 2 for winter fishing carp

    Mix 0.5 kg of breadcrumbs with the ground water reservoir and water, adding a significant amount of organics: bloodworm, earthworms (both whole and chopped). Flavor need to add quite a bit.

    Recipe # 3 for spring carp

    Preparation of this compound will not take you much time. Takes 1 kg of cereal and breading. The flakes are comminuted, mixed with animal bait and breadcrumbs. Directly to the fishing water is added and a little vegetable components. You need to mix the soil – only you can decide.

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    At least in this few ingredients, it works well as herbal ingredients creates around the point of fishing nutritional cloud, which attracts fish, but not saturating them.

    How better to lure the fish

    Before you throw the lure, you need to add to the mix water out of the reservoir, and allow to infuse for at least an hour – it should be swell. Further, the mixture formed balls the size of five inches, and throw themselves in the potential fishing, in the amount of 7-8 pieces.

    Do so: one part for bait balls make stronger to bait scattered in the water and the other with loose consistency. Their goal is to create nourishing cloud.

    If you catch carp on feeder tackle, tamp in the feeder part and take a few casts to the right place. After waiting half an hour start to fish. However, to overfeed a point better than the night before fishing, then the fish are grouped around the point and wait for the Supplement.

    Do not be afraid of experimenting with bait, just need to take into account all the nuances, and the fish will react. Your catch will depend only on features of the reservoir.

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