Features carp fishing in the winter and spring

What need bait for carp fishing in the early spring, what to catch carp in the winter?

The process of carp fishing in the spring and winter are very different from each other. If one tactic and bait for fishing in the spring and lead to better results, too, the winter will be completely useless. However, caught a big carp in the winter time of year is a special trophy and a sign of an experienced angler-carpatica.

Features carp fishing in winter

Every kabatnik should be aware that the result of carp fishing depends on several important factors. From location to water temperature, wind, pressure and, of course, from the pond of carp. All this will depend on the applied fishing techniques, equipment and fishing techniques.

The perfect depth for catching carp is 1.5 m — 2.00 m. In the shallows the carp swims very rarely. Carp like to hide behind the snags and underwater trees. That’s where he should look. In the winter time of year these wonderful fish are inactive, they have slowed down the metabolism and they are able for a long time without food. In winter, anglers need to look for the confluence of warmer water sources. Most likely there will be a place of localization of carp.

Many anglers use the bait with the fish meal. So as not to “oversaturate” carp, flour, however, should not be more than 20% in the bait. To detect the taste preferences of carp, you can make a garland of nozzles with different taste. Pulling out a garland, the angler is always able to understand what he likes to eat carp now. What kind of baits eaten more, mean and likes to eat carp.

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Fishermen need individual selection of hook size for carp. Carp are very smart and cunning fish. If you ignore the large hook, you will need to reduce the hooks as long as the carp will not begin to bite more readily. Moreover, the carp should not see the silhouette of an angler, it may scare off the fish.

Features carp fishing in the spring

Carp more amenable in the spring as he tried to gain more mass. This time of year the fish is constantly in search of food and comes out even in shallow water, where the winter is not floated. In the diet of its food consists of insects.

The angler need a fine tackle. As for hooks, they should be dark in color. In the fishing stores there are special tackle for fishing that is carp.

The use of different nozzles welcome (baits, manure worms, or corn.) The taste of the bait the angler chooses, depending on water temperature. When the water is warm — sweet bait, cold, sharp smell (the garlic).
Carp — fish is strong and bold, he is very active wiggling it breaks the tackle of their range, or rather fin. Bite carp an instant and sharp. This applies especially river carp.

In order to prevent the disruption of the fishing line, anglers should rather use a reel with baitrunner device. Such a coil to properly respond to a quick spurt and will slow down smoothly.

I hope that these tips for catching carp in winter and summer, will help you.

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Good fishing to You!!!

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